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Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Update - 9 Days To Go!

Golden is bringing a whole lot of new talent to Coral Gables.
Golden is bringing a whole lot of new talent to Coral Gables.

With 9 days left until signing day, things on the recruiting front are crawling along while we all wait patiently for the over-the-top ESPN recruiting special. That doesn't mean that there isn't anything to report, of course. Miami is still generating quite a bit of recruiting news, which is always a good thing. Here's a quick rundown of the goings on from the past week or so.

First off, we start with a couple of big name recruits that might very well fall Miami's way. The first is a familiar name in OL Avery Young. He recently took his OV to Coral Gables, and loved what he saw. He noted that while Miami was on the fringe of his choices coming into the visit, after he left they are definitely in the mix. In fact, he said that he will have a Canes hat on the table when he makes his decision, along with Florida, Georgia, and Auburn. One of the main things he liked about his visit? The fishing. He says that all he does is fish. Now, between his 4 choices, who do you think will be able to fix that need better? Hmmm?

Next we get to 5 star CB prospect Tracy Howard. This one is going to be fun to watch, because its a battle between the "Big 3", UF, FSU, and the Canes. Howard is scheduled to take an official visit to campus the weekend before signing day. He says that he grew up a Miami fan, but he always felt that he wanted to leave town to go to college. He wanted to be able to take care of business for himself. However, his mom wants him to stay home and go to Miami, and that is starting to play in his mind a bit. He is also very good friends with Cane commit Deon Bush, and says that Deon drops hints here and there that he needs to come to Miami, but doesn't pressure him about it. Heres hoping that visit knocks it out of the park, and the Canes get their second 5 star kid out of Florida. Here's a story by SBNation's own Bud Elliot about Howard. He mentions that it would be a shock if he chose the Canes, and while this may have some truth to it, based on recent comments it seems it may not be too much of a shock after all. It's surprising that he is considering the Canes so late in the game, but with his friendship with Deon Bush, and the fact that he would basically be penciled in as a starter from day one, it makes pretty good sense that the Canes would be in the running.

Current Cane soft commit and WR Malcolm Lewis says that he had a great time on his OVto Miami, but that he still plans on taking a visit to UCLA the weekend leading into signing day. He says that he is mostly taking the visit because he has never been on the west coast before, and he wants to see what its like. When asked about his level of commitment to the Canes, he said he's about 90%, but pretty close to 100%. We will still most likely have to wait until NSD to know whether or not the visit was enough to cement his choice in stone. Here's hoping, because we need all the help at WR we can get, and this kid is good.

Previously unranked (now listed as a 3 star on Rivals) DT recruit Jacoby Briscoe has been getting quite a bit of attention since the Canes snatched him up a few weeks ago. He has been a solid commit all the way through, but now Tennessee is trying to force their way in. They will be visiting him this week, and he says he might set up a visit this coming weekend. While he says he doesn't see his choice of college changing, it is still a bit to worry about, especially since his good friend Davante Bourque is currently on their commitment list. Hopefully he chooses to not take the visit, but if he does, let's hope something crazy happens and he is able to go up to Knoxville and come back with Bourque.

4 star LB Reggie Northrup has been committed to the Canes for a long time, but now, that's getting more and more precarious. FSU has been working hard on the kid for the last week or so, and he reportedly had a great time on his recent OV to Tallahassee. He is scheduled to visit OSU next weekend, and then choose between Miami, FSU, tOSU, UNC, and Arky. There's not much to say on this one, because at this point it seems that the kid is just really undecided, and trying to narrow down what he wants. Let's hope that Golden and Co. dont let this kid slip through their fingers between now and February 1st.

As of January 21st, 3 star Homestead WR Herb Waters was a soft commit to the Canes. Then, on the 22nd, an in-home visit by Golden, McDonald, and Barrow sealed his choice. He is now saying that he is definitely a Cane, and is done taking visits. He talked about how hard it was to call Illinois and Vandy to tell them that he wouldn't be visiting them anymore. He also talked about how excited he is to sign, and to be a Hurricane. He may take his OV to Miami next weekend, but at this point it would just be to get a preliminary look at the campus. He also said that he is working on Tracy Howard to become a Cane, since they are on the same track team. He said that in his opinion, Howard will end up a Cane because of the relationship he and Deon Bush have. Let's hope he's right!