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Under Armour Game Will Be A Good One For The Canes

Tonight's Under Armour All American Game (7:30 PM ET, ESPN) is going to be one to watch for Canes fans, for more than a few reasons. Not only do three of our top recruits play in the game, but we could possibly be adding two more recruits to the mix as well. Preston Dewey, probably the more highly regarded QB in the Canes' incoming class, will be one of the signal callers suiting up for the Black Team. He's a 3 or 4 star (depending on which site you look at) kid out of Texas who stands 6'3" and weighs in at around 200 lbs. He's more of a pro style QB, which should blend in with Fisch's offense perfectly. Next on the already committed list is the kid everyone is waiting to see, and might just be one of the better reasons to watch the game tonight, Randy "Duke" Johnson. He is on of the top 3 RB's in the country, and has been on an absolute tear the last few weeks in the HS playoffs and in practices for tonight's game. He should definitely battle for immediate playing time with the departure of Lamar Miller. The third and final commit who will be suiting up is wide out Angelo Jean-Louis. Listed as a 4 star athlete on, he should factor into the WR corp more than anything else.

Now, about those potential commitments. There are right around 6 kids that are expected to announce tonight, although that number may change between now and then. So far only 2 of them, however, have Miami on their list. the first is RB Wes Brown, a 4 star kid who has been linked to numerous colleges over his senior year, but has seemingly narrowed it down. It looks like all signs are pointing towards his hometown school, Maryland, although Miami has been coming on strong as of late and remains a viable option. The second is Lucas Thompson, a 3 star safety who has narrowed his picks down to East Carolina, Miami, and South Carolina. With JoJo Nicolas leaving, and Ray Ray Armstrong in his last year, early paying time and a the potential for a good career could draw him the Canes' way. The talking heads are predicting that he makes the Miami choice, although until he puts the hat on, there's no guarantee.

It should be a fantastic game to watch, regardless of whether you choose to root for the Hurricanes or not. The rosters are loaded with upcoming talent, and the game should feature quite a few exciting plays. I for one, will be glued to the TV to see the commitments as well as the game itself.