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Recruiting Quick Hitter - New Line Depth!

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Miami has landed unranked/unevaluated DT commit Jacoby Briscoe (Player Profile) out of Louisiana. He apparently had not talked to Cane recruiters until this week, but stated that Miami has been one of his favorite schools since the 8th grade. If he was offered, he said he would commit on the spot. He is 6'4" and 290 lbs, and hopefully will add much needed depth on the defensive line.

Perhaps the bigger part of the story (and frankly possibly one of the reasons that they targeted him) is that he is good friends with Davante Bourque (Player Profile), who recently de-committed from LSU. According to Briscoe, he and Bourque have said that if he committed to Miami, Bourque would too. Briscoe also stated that the same Canes coaches who visited with him also went by Davante's house. Hopefully we add Bourque to this class too, as a 4 star RB prospect would definitely not be a bad thing!