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SB Nation BlogPoll: Week 5 Ballots

Our week 5 BlogPoll ballot based on the results of this weekend's games.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

As usual, here's how we voted:

And now, a few bullet points:

  • Alabama retains the top spot, because even though they played down to their opponent a bit, they are still just dominating. Amari Cooper is making every Florida school pay for not reeling him in.
  • Oregon takes the second spot, because they are still just fast, ridiculous, and don't care about you.
  • Yes, FSU gets the third spot, because they've played two solid teams the past two weeks in Clemson and USF, and came out on top. Until they lose, they will keep rising.
  • The 4th and 5th spots could go either way. Both teams struggled this week, but in the end they both won, and remained undefeated.
  • Kansas State is still just running through people, and deserve the 6th spot. The more they win, the better for us.
Now to what we all care about, right? Even though the voters left us out of the top 25, which, admittedly is logical, I still think that we should be further up the list. A win over Notre Dame will certainly put us through at least to the bottom of the rankings.