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Canes Injury News For The UNC Game

Ignoring the obvious injury news with regards to guys like Buchanon, who are out for the year, the Canes actually should be as healthy as they have been in a long while coming into this weekend's game against UNC.

  • Curtis Porter has been back at practice the last few days in full pads, which is great to hear. Obviously it's going to take a while for him to get back to game shape, so don't expect miracles here. He is working with the scout team and working his way back to the lineup.
  • Ben Jones is still out, but hopefully should start working his way back next week.
  • The team had Jonathan Feliciano in a yellow jersey at practice, but that was mostly precautionary. He's going to be 100% by game time and will be starting.

That's about it. Outside of injury news, Robert Lockhart will be getting his first action this Saturday. I'm very excited to see what this kid can bring, because in my eyes he is the best redzone weapon the Canes have. He has some of the best hands on the wide receiver corps, and his vertical is ridiculous. If he can put things together, he could be the thing that solves the Cans redzone woes.