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Stephen Morris has ankle sprain, status unknown for FSU

Miami's starting quarterback did not fracture his ankle, but his status for Saturday's game vs. Florida State is still very much up in the air.

Joel Auerbach - Getty Images

Here's the good news: Stephen Morris only has a sprained ankle. Al Golden said on Sunday that it is not a high ankle sprain, but you're probably splitting hairs at that point.

Morris' status for Saturday night's game against Florida State is still unknown, and I imagine that UM will milk that decision all the way down to game time. That said, even if Morris does play, it's hard to imagine that he'll be anywhere near close to 100%. He'll also be facing the best defensive line that UM has seen this year... and, well, none of that seems like a recipe for anything good.

One thing Golden will have to think hard about is this: Miami has little chance of defeating FSU even at full strength, and is it worth aggravating Morris' injury and jeopardizing the rest of the season? It also may not matter: ankle sprains often take more than six days of recovery time.

Buckle in for the Ryan Williams era.