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State Of The U BlogPoll Ballot - Week 7

The State Of The U submits their BlogPoll ballot for week 7.

Dave Martin - Getty Images

Things didnt get any more clear as far as the rankings after week 7. That's the beauty of college football, though, the only guarantees are upsets and Alabama. Top teams lost, some got blown out, and other teams won when they should have.

Here's our ballot:

  • Bama retains the top spot, because they won, and because this is TERRIFYING
  • Oregon comes in at two, because they are playing excellent on both sides of the ball. The 3rd and 4th spots are held by Notre Dame and Kansas St., respectively. ND's defense is ridiculous, even if they did allow a touchdown that wasn't called. Kansas State still has Colin Klein, and until they don't, they are awesome.
  • Florid rounds out the top 5, because frankly they are playing very well, even if the 2 spot in the initial BCS standings is honestly just a bit much.
  • The rest of the ballot was done mainly on performance. Louisiana Tech gets some love for hanging with Johnny Football and the Aggies, and UNC breaks in because, well, they have Gio Bernard.
Any questions?