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SB Nation BlogPoll, Week 8: State of the U Ballot

Miami's slaughtering at the hands of Kansas State doesn't look so bad anymore, does it?

Justin K. Aller

Kansas State is really good, you guys. This week they made West Virginia look like, well, Miami. On the road, no less. So that's why they're atop our BlogPoll ballot for this week. Their road wins over Oklahoma and WVU are just about the two most impressive wins any one team has this year. For the rest of the ballot, please scroll. As always, fell free to mock in the comments.

- Florida's wins over LSU and South Carolina go toe-to-toe with Kansas State's but I'm giving the Wildcats the nod for doing it on the road. UF has impressive road wins itself (Texas A&M, Tennessee) so in reality this is more of a tie than anything... but I had to choose one. KSU will either solidify this ranking next week by beating Texas Tech, or they'll slide.

- I have Oklahoma as the top one loss team on account of losing to my No. 1 in a rather competitive fashion. They play Notre Dame this weekend, which will shake up this poll a bit.

- Mississippi State is undefeated and all the way down at No. 15. They travel to Alabama this weekend, so they'll either jump way up the poll, or most likely hang right around where they are based on how competitive they are.

- Everything after that is a bit of a jumble. At this point in the season, it gets difficult to differentiate between the two- and one-loss teams. We should start to get a better idea in the next few weeks.