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Countdown to Hurricanes Hoops: Player Profile and Q&A, Rion Brown

We had a chance to talk to super Canes hooper Rion Brown to hear what to expect from UM this year on the court and what he's learned from Coach Larranaga.

Kevin C. Cox

Rion Brown came to UM in 2010 a 4 star recruit from Hinesville, GA the son of former Georgia Tech star Tico Brown who later went on to become the all-time leading scorer in the CBA. Rion is a listed as a 6'6" guard but frequently played the 3 slot for the Canes last year.

Known for his shooting and athleticism, Rion was the second best 3 point shooter on the team last year hitting 41-104 (39.4%). Rion made many highlight reels last year with his high flying power dunks (watch him dunk on Reggie Bullock below) and should play a critical role on the team this year. We caught up with #15 recently.

SOTU: What is the biggest difference heading into this season vs. last now that you've had a year with Coach Larranaga?

RB: He doesn't spend so much time teaching every philosophy he has, we know them from first year. It's much more about basketball now.

SOTU: Can we expect more of a fast paced tempo from the Canes this year?

RB: Oh yes, expect a lot more pressing and more layups and open threes (in transition).

SOTU: Who are the leaders this year?

RB: Julian, Durand and Reggie but Julian has been around for a long time, he's the old man and he's been there for 6 years. He has seen a lot of different things and had a lot of different experiences so its good to have a guy like him around.

Durand is like a coach out on the floor, if we can't hear Coach L we look to Durand and Shane to be the leaders out there.

Reggie's been here 5 years and he always helped me out and even now is always in the big guys ears to help them out.

SOTU: What has been your focus this offseason?

RB: Working on my driving ability, everyone knows I can shoot. I want to be a threat to drive and kick and also have good handle on the ball.

SOTU: What is your favorite Coach L-ism?

RB: "practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect"

SOTU: Who in the ACC was toughest to guard last year?

RB: Harrison Barnes, he was the hardest player to guard since I've been here.

SOTU: Any message for Canes fans?

RB: PACK THE BUC!! We need all the fans we can get, were going to be a special team this year I just want everyone to be a part of it and be able to experience it because we are going to do really big things this year.

Thanks again to Rion Brown for taking time out of his busy day for us. Watch out for this sharpshooter when the "Canes open the season November 9th, and through out the season. Take a look at this awesome dunk vs. UNC! Rion Brown dunks on Reggie Bullock (via RunTheFloor)