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Countdown to Hurricanes Hoops: Player Profile and Q&A, Kenny Kadji

Kenny Kadji established himself as one of the premier front court players in the ACC last year. What does the 6'11 big man have in store for an encore?


Last season is his first year at Miami after transferring from UF, Kadji averaged 11.7 points, 5.3 rebounds. 1.6 blocks, and shot 42% from downtown. He seemed to get better as the season progressed, and has worked really hard this summer to get even better.

Here is our Q&A with the exceptional senior forward:

SOTU: Where did you learn to shoot like that? Are you now the best 3-point shooter on the team?

KK: Actually I learned from my dad, and I reaized I could shoot that well freshman year of high school. I liked it so I kept doing it. I would say I am top two on the team, between me and Rion Brown.

SOTU: We've heard you have dropped 20 pounds, how will this change/improve your game?

KK: I think I will be more of an athlete. Shooting threes will not be my only attribute, I will do other stuff, like running the floor, finishing under the basket better. I can jump higher and run faster, which will help me guard quicker players and quicker forwards.

SOTU: Which returning player in the ACC is the most difficult to match up with?

KK: I think, (Kadji pauses) C.J. Leslie from NC State. He's tall, quick, he has a small forward body but at 6'9 has the size too.

SOTU: Which teammate has really impressed you so far in practice?

KK: I would say Reggie is playing well. But Julian Gamble is playing well too. Coming off an injury I didn't expect everything he is doing. But he is playing really well.

SOTU: Coach L mentioned you in the same breathe as Chris Bosh. Is there a pro player you feel your game is reminiscent of? Or an NBA player you model your game after?

KK: I like Chris Bosh. I like Lamar Odom as well. I think Odom is the guy I model my game after. He is a forward who can do a lot of things. He's been my favorite player for a long time.

Thanks to big # 35 for letting us catch up with him. This season promises to be a huge one for Kadji. Be sure to check him out in action starting November 9th, and through out the season. Here's a little look at his beautiful outside stroke: