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Miami AD Shawn Eichorst Resigns, Announces Love For Corn

On October 3rd, 2012, UM Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst announced his resignation and move to the University of Nebraska to become their new Athletic Director and main proponent for all things corn.

Univerist of Miami Athletic Department

Another year, another Athletic Director. Early this morning rumors were swirling around the Hecht Athletic Center that our newest AD, Mr. Shawn Eichorst, was resigning to move to the University of Nebraska. Well, the gossip channels are true. This is our third AD leaving the program in almost 4 years, which is a higher turnover rate then the NC State Wolfpack last Saturday. Read below the break to continue the story!

Arriving to the U in April of 2011, Shawn Eichorst came from the University of Wisconsin. Ironically, this was where current President of the U Donna Shalala came from before she worked in DC. During his tenure, Eichorst was involved in the hiring of Men's Basketball Coach Jim Larranaga and the ongoing construction of the addition to the Hecht Athletic Complex. Oh, and did we mention the ongoing NCAA investigation?

Since the Nevin Shapiro Love Yacht Scandal broke, Eichorst was a visible player throughout the whole process. Alas, his last interview involving the matter was 11 months ago, in November of 2011, when he had a round-table with Miami reporters about the matter. Since then, he's been notably silent with the matter. No one is quite sure yet when the NCAA Goliath is going to awaken and announce the consequences from Mr. Ponzi's wrongdoings, but nevertheless, it is still an issue that the next Miami AD has to deal with.

Now, to address what's on everyone else's mind: how does this affect us going into this weekend's game in Chicago against Notre Dame? Well, for one, Eichorst could have planned this at a better time. Either way, the AD is the man behind the hiring of our head coaches, facilities, staff beneath him, etc. Essentially, the Man with the Golden Hair still remains the top dog with the football team. We have Coach Golden through 2020 and Eichorst leaving won't affect that. Recruits aren't swayed one way or another with the reputation of a school's AD. So, all in all, Eichorst leaving won't be detrimental to this week's game, to the season, and to the Class of 2013 recruits.

However, what it does cause is more negative press toward UM. Once again, Shapiro's name is going to be coming up as a part of Eichorst's legacy during his brief tenure at UM. What's a bigger issue is how the Miami's AD position remains a revolving door which doesn't reflect well with the program. Miami should be the final destination for many, not a stepping stone to move on to freaking Nebraska. We'll see who the next man in charge is going to be, but in the mind time, 2 DAYS UNTIL NOTRE DAME.