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Hurricanes StoryStream: One Foot Down Previews The Game Against Miami

The guys over at One Foot Down have posted a pretty damn good preview of what they see from our team. Of course, the comments are mostly "yeah but that DEFENSE, bro" comments, so most think this will be a blowout. We shall see, however.

Stagnant Offense

It's been the hot topic for the past couple weeks and it's undoubtedly the biggest concern for this game for many Irish fans. One or two touchdowns and a sub-300 total yard performances is not going to keep this team undefeated for very long.

Somehow, the offensive line has to play to its potential, Cierre Wood has to inject some life in to the running game, and Golson has to get back to his pre-Michigan style of protecting the ball and running the offense. The impending predictions of doom in the vein of the 2002 team seem overblown, but this offense has to improve and fight from being so stagnant.

The rest of the post can be viewed HERE