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Miami vs. Notre Dame: Bundle up, it's the Game Thread

Al Golden looks for his signature win at Miami on the banks of Lake Michigan.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Miami Hurricanes will have a chance tonight to become the surprise team of this college football season. A victory over the No. 9 Notre Dame Irish in primetime would be the signature win of Al Golden's career, and would represent a massive turnaround from where this team was during the second week of the season.

Of course, not many people are expecting Miami to do so: in Vegas, they're nearly two touchdown underdogs. Both of Miami's scintillating wins in the last two weeks have been something close to miracles, and this Irish team figures to be much better than either Georgia Tech or North Carolina State.

But, the Irish are not a juggernaut: their passing game, for one, has been in shambles this season, and it's unclear how good either Michigan or Michigan State are. But their defense is stout and they have a solid running game, which is the formula that Kansas State used to pummel the Canes in September.

But, they play the games for a reason, and tonight we'll get a chance to see where this current Miami team really stacks up.

Keep it clean in the comments, of course, and have fun. Go Canes.