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SB Nation BlogPoll: 7th Floor Ballot, Week 6

It's the SEC's world, we're just living in it.

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

Saturday featured shake-ups all along the Top 25 -- some expected, and some not so expected. Thus, the top of this week's BlogPoll ballot looks different than it has in weeks, but that's by necessity. Here it is, with explanations under the ballot. As always, feel free to argue/castigate me in the comments.

Tier 1

Unfortunately, the Florida Gators are your new No. 1 team. The good news is that even though the Gators have the most impressive resumé in the country right now, their offense seems limited enough that they'll eventually lose a game or two. I'm giving Alabama the nod over South Carolina for totally derailing the seasons of two teams (Michigan and Arkansas), though South Carolina's thrashing of Georgia last week was really impressive. Oregon is hanging around on account of killing every team they play, though West Virginia's road win over Texas is more impressive than anything the Ducks have put to paper just yet.

Tier 2

I'm drawing the line for truly elite teams at West Virginia. Kansas State's road victory over Oklahoma is still sparkling, but my eye says they're just a notch below the five teams ahead of them. Ohio State is kicking ass right now, and has amassed a nice resumé despite no one elite win. Notre Dame's marquee wins are a bit baffling -- I have neither Michigan nor Michigan State on my ballot --- but that defense is elite. I trust their offense less than Ohio State's, though, so I have them one notch below.

Tier 3

And now the one-loss teams. Georgia got smacked by South Carolina, but the Gamecocks are my No. 2 team now and the Bulldogs had an impressive list of wins prior to that. I'm generally skeptical of Texas but that's wearing off a bit after they outlasted Oklahoma State and hung right with West Virginia. Oregon State's resumé is a bit disorienting as well, but they seem to be the best of the non-Top 10 undefeated teams. Oklahoma will probably lose this week, but one loss to Kansas State isn't something to be ashamed of right now. I'd take FSU on a neutral field over USC -- who looks forever vulnerable -- and anyone below them. I have LSU down at 15 despite losing to my No. 1 because they've looked rather awful for three straight weeks.

Tier 4

Louisville is a bit like Oregon State, but with a less impressive resumé and I would expect them to lose to everyone else above them. A&M hasn't beaten anyone significant but hung right with my No. 1 so I'll stick them at 17 and highly anticipate their matchup with my No. 19, the undefeated Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. Stanford will probably lose two more games but for now I'll give them the benefit of the doubt over Ohio and Cincinnati, two undefeated teams who are making slow climbs up the polls.

Tier 5

Mississippi State is undefeated but has beaten just about nobody, while Baylor has a loss to a Top 5 team but gave up almost 80 points. Rutgers is undefeated with a marquee win over... Arkansas?