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Virginia Tech Game Thread Highlights

He's only 10 games into his career, but we're already recruiting Duke Johnson's future son. And hating on announcers, refs, and Logan Thomas

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The best way to deal with the disappointing Virginia loss is to relive the Virginia Tech win!

But first things first, everyone has to go here and tell us why Canes fans are the best. You could win a free trip to any game or bowl this season. So take the 30 seconds and tell us why you're awesome and fly somewhere warm in January, assuming you don't already live in South Florida

Second, I couldn't bring myself to do a game thread comments highlight for the FSU game. Mea culpa. But this should somewhat make up for it. Our esteemed leader deleted the mother of all troll posts that I will re-create for you

FSU beat your A game by almost twenty with our C game!

I was probably generous with the spelling. As you probably already know, 33-20 is 13. And even if we allow for rounding, its 10. Also, if your QB is 8-19 in the first half for 40 yards, it's only your A game if A isn't the first letter of the alphabet. Someone failed math and letters

Onto Va Tech,

We didn't have our highest turnout with only 375 comments. But you diehards made up for it in quality. Without further ado, the game thread highlights

Best celebration


SotU looks forward to 5 star Duke of Earl committing in the 2040 class

Best hate on the announcer


Not sure who it was, but he was fratastic

The StoU community might have a problem with diabetes down the line

With Va Tech inside the 5 on 3-1, Alex got a message from the oracle at delphi.


My favorite play of the night was Gionni Paul dragging Logan Thomas out of the pile so they couldn't recover to fumble. Canes ball!

I got a couple members of the Kevin Olsen fan club next year

Dorsey does have a point. If bowl games against Nevada are the goal, Kirby was the man

Best ref complaint of the night


runner up

At least va tech can't complain about the refs this game

And yet again top GIF goes to not the best, but the only gif in the building. Congrats Mike!





Look for the painful Virginia recap to come at an earlier date than 9 days after the game.