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Hurricane Tracker: We're Back After A Brief Hiatus!

SOTU brings back the Hurricane Tracker, which is a look at how the current crop of commits are performing for their high schools.

Mike Ehrmann

After a brief break, the Hurricane Tracker is back, and with a few major changes. For one, Alex Collins is gone. While Miami is still in his picture, he is no longer committed to the Canes. As such, he has been removed from the tracker. Also, Kevin Olsen is back from his foot surgery, and played in his first game back this past Monday. Check out his stats below!

KEITH BRYANT (DT) : Plays for Atlantic (8-2)

Bryant had a whole mess of questions surrounding his recruitment for a while, but it sure seems like he has been shored up as a Cane. He has attended games in full Miami gear, tweeted with potential recruits, and even asked for Alex Collins to follow him so he could talk about his choice to remove his commitment. Bryant's team has qualified for the playoffs, and his regular season stats finished at 48 tackles, 33 for loss, and 9 sacks.

ARTIE BURNS (DB) : Plays for Northwestern (7-2)

Burns has remained quiet as far as recruiting goes, which is usually a good sign that he is happy with his commitment. His team also is playoff bound, and his regular season ended with him tallying 72 tackles, 4 sacks, 2 interceptions, a fumble recovery, 6 defensed passes, and for good measure, 2 kickoff return touchdowns. Burns is going to be a great addition to the Cane defense for sure.

JAMAL CARTER (DB) : Plays for Southridge (3-7)

Carter's team had a disappointing season, failing to make the playoffs. Jamal finished with 73 tackles (possibly more, but a few games were missing stats), and one interception. On offense, he had 103 yards on 5 carries, and 6 yards on one reception. He is still very much a raw project, but he is a freakish athlete.

TRAVIS JOHNSON (TE/WR) : Plays for Tampa Jesuit (7-3)

Tampa Jesuit did not make the playoffs, which means Travis' season is at an end. He finished with 21 catches for 287 yards and two touchdowns. He also carried the ball 6 times for 19 yards. He found the end zone on a 55 yard punt return score, and contributed on defense with 23 tackles and a couple of recovered fumbles. He is going to be a welcome addition to the offense, whether he ends up at tight end or wide receiver.

STANDISH DOBARD (TE) : Plays for Edna Karr (10-0)

His team is in the playoffs, and Standish is doing some great tight end work. He has tallied 36 catches for 565 yards and 3 touchdowns. He's the type of over the middle and short yardage tight end that Miami needs.

ANGELO JEAN-LOUIS (WR) : Plays for Fork Union Military Academy (7-3)

AJL, especially with how the wide receiving corps of Miami looks at the moment, will be welcomed into Coral Gables with open arms. He has a bit of a down season due to injury, but overall has put up 115 yards on 7 catches. He is capable of so much more than that, however, and will get his chance to show it next year.

RAY LEWIS III (RB/DB) : Plays for Lake Mary Prep (10-0)

Ray clarified his commitment status a while back as a "soft commitment," but there isn't a recruiting analyst out there that thinks he will end up anywhere but Miami. His dad tells him the decision is his and his alone to make, but...come're Ray Freaking Lewis' son. Where else are you gonna go? Ray The Younger's team is in the playoffs, and here are his stats on the season (take a deep breath):

146 carries, 1,549 yards (10.6 yards per carry), 21 touchdowns, 1 pass touchdown; 19 receptions, 485 yards, 5 touchdowns; 83 tackles, 3 sacks, 3 interceptions, one for touchdown, 1 forced fumble, 2 recovered fumbles, one for touchdown; 82 yard kick off return for touchdown.

Yeah. We want this kid on campus.

JEREMY KERR (TE) : Plays for St. Petersburg (4-6)

Kerr stayed on the offensive line for the majority of the season, and played well. His team, however, failed to make it to the playoffs. He was recently offered by FSU, but he remains committed to Miami.

KEVIN OLSEN (QB) : Plays for Wayne Hills, NJ (5-4)

Olsen is back on the field, and unfortunately, his stat line from his first game back reflected all of the time he missed. He went 10 of 20 passing for 107 yards, 1 touchdown, and 3 interceptions. This line doesn't worry me at all as far as his skills as a quarterback, because, after all, he did miss every game since his first game. He is the top recruit in this class at the moment (although Keith Bryant is a HUGE priority), and will be a great player for Miami.

FOOTNOTE: Offensive lineman Alex Gall is currently in the playoffs with his team.