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Miami Virginia Game Thread Highlights

Join us as we figure out how to avoid heart attacks and heart burn while watching the 2012 Miami Hurricanes football team.


Another disappointing loss, another game thread highlights to cheer you up. I'll get right to it.

Buy this guy a beer award went to Scottie who was flying blind


I poured a little out for you

Best response to unnecessary fatigues and personal foul for dredging up the past went to these 2


I hate Tempe

The only appropriate response after a Duke Johnson stiff arm


That thing is lethal

Our newest and most successful regular award, best ref complaint


Surpirsingly it wasn't an uncalled facemask against Duke Johnson.

Before UVa fans get into the comments, no one here thought the safety was a safety


Thinking outside the box award goes to Cat5Cane


At least it would be more entertaining and I'd have less heartburn

Damion certainly mad an entrance


That was basically the game. A good play leading to a 3rd and long, then crap. All day.

Seriously, this game almost killed our Lt. Cruz


GIF of the night is canceled due to a lack of hustle

I'm not going further than that in an attempt to keep Cruz alive. Suffice it to say, the good guys didn't win. See you guys next week!