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SOTU Game Thread: Miami Battles the Bulls

Miami takes on the South Florida Bulls in the final home game of the season.


I could probably write a whole mess of words about what this game means. Sure, it doesn't mean a thing as far as the Coastal division race, but in some ways, it means so, so much more. Our healthy seniors are playing their last home game. The injured seniors will be on the sidelines, listening to the crowd, watching their family play.

It's First Responders Day, as well. The men and women who risk their lives here on home soil whenever they are needed to make sure you and yours are safe from harm.

Oh, and it's the last home game of the year. Regardless of how we feel about the stadium, the coaches, the team, or the fans, we are all one big family, and it's time to come together and cheer on the team we love.

Go Canes. It's as simple as that.