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Reflections on the Season:2012 Miami Hurricanes Football, with Fan Feedback.

With the 'Canes 2012 season over, we reflect on the highs, lows, and everything in between. We also canvassed the world of Social Media for fan feedback on the season.

2012 was an exciting year for UM!!
2012 was an exciting year for UM!!
Joel Auerbach

An exciting season drew to a close this past weekend with a season closing win over Duke.

Miami self imposed so their will be no ACC Championship game nor a bowl game. Considering the low expectations going into the year, it is a testament to this team how disappointed most fans are by this development.

Miami was picked to finish fifth in the ACC’s Coastal Division in a poll of media members during the preseason. Sports Illustrated said they would win 4 games. I was a little more Optimistic.

Here is what I predicted just before the season:


The schedule is daunting. Opening up at BC will be a challenge that we think the young ‘Canes will pass. Following up with another road win at Kansas State however is a lot to ask. After what should be a gimme at home against Bethune Cookman, Miami travels to ATL to take on Ga Tech, in what will be a close game. By the time they get a very good NC State team at home, the young players should have their feet wet. Just in time to head to Chicago to take on Notre Dame in what promises to be an emotional game. The ‘Canes reward should they win is a three game home stretch no team in the country would envy. UNC starts it off, followed by visits from bitter rivals Va Tech and FSU. The season concludes with a home game against improving USF sandwiched by trips to Virginia and Duke. WOW!!!! We see the ‘Canes finishing 8-4, with wins against BC, Bethune, Ga Tech, NC State, UNC, Virgina, USF, & Duke. UM might be one season away from beating the likes of Kansas State, NC State, FSU, and Va Tech. But if Al Golden and Co surprise a few folks, we wouldn’t be shocked. Look for Randy "Duke" Johnson to earn ACC freshman of the year award, and Brandon Linder, Allen Hurns, Mike James, Anthony Chickillo, Denzel Perryman, and Dalton Botts to contend for ALL ACC honors.

Not too bad if I say so myself.

To me, despite falling one game short of my prediction, the 'Canes season was a success. Stephen Morris exceeded expectations at QB. Duke Johnson was everything advertised and more. Mike James finally got a chance to shine and made the most of it. The offensive line was terrific, giving up only 14 sacks the entire year. The defense was shaky at best, but guys like Tyriq McCord, Deon Bush, Tracy Howard, and Eddie Johnson showed the kind of promise that foreshadows dramatic improvement. Al Golden and staff gave more then 20 freshman extensive playing time, and they STILL won the ACC Coastal. Expectations are sure to be higher going into next year.

20 of 22 starters on offense and defense return next year (minus Mike James and Brandon McGee). There is no doubt the future is bright. Now if only that pesky NCAA situation gets resolved!!

But enough of my opinions!!

Here is what I asked the fans via Social Media about the 2012 'Canes and some of my favorite answers:

SOTU: What was your favorite moment of the season and why?

Lauren Lynn Lococo: When Mike James scored the winning td in overtime against GT. I was in a predominantly Georgia Tech section covered in glitter. talked crap when we were up then they talked crap when they got up. I got the final word. Nothing better than winning a game in another teams territory covered in glitter!!

Lenny Boucher: The defensive goal stand to ice the GT OT win, for a great win.

Josh Kaufman: When Morris went berserk against NC State.

Bobby Gagnon: Watching Al Golden run on the field to comfort Malcolm Lewis. That showed me the type of coach we have.

Kelvin Green: Denzel's pick 6 against Boston College. It completely changed the momentum of the game, leading to a Hurricane victory.

Brynn Ferris: The walk in from the tailgate to the stadium in Chicago for the ND game, We were so cold throughout the was miserable..but then, as we all went in together, that cold seemed to melt away. There were a couple hundred of us walking in together, but for that brief moment, we were one. Canes chants were flowing. It was a true spectacle to watch, and a great moment to be apart of. On the field, I would have to say my favorite moment was Duke Johnson's first touchdown.

Annette Gallagher: I loved it ANY time Duke Johnson got the ball and got away to run.... any time Phillip Dorsett caught what was thrown to him.... Mike James playing his heart out.... seeing how much Stephen Morris has grown up.

Sherri Collins Wright: The Duke Game. It was Carey and I's 23rd game straight.The Celebration with the players afterwards! Heart wrenching.

Charlie Strauzer: MJ winning the GT game, great to see that young man's hard work pay off.

Damion Bravo: Beating Virginia Tech. Because we dominated.

SOTU: Describe the season in one word?

Dee Kieft: Improved.

Lenny Boucher: Maturing.

Shawn Hazelwood: United.

Lauren Lynn Lococo: Heartpounding.

Anthony Shinhoster Jr.: Tough.

Josh Kaufman: Potential

Francisco Garcia: Resilient!!

Hans Rudi Walker: Growing.

SOTU: Who is the team MVP and why?

Derrick Mitchell Broussard: Duke Johnson, look at the impact he made in all areas of the game. I don't think our record would be 7-5 without him.

Travis Fox: Duke Johnson is the MVP, without him we lose a few more games.

Lenny Boucher: Mike James, steadfast leadership.

Lauren Lynn Lococo: Morris, broke ACC record with 556 yards n 5 td's against NC state, joined Gino Torretta with record for multiple games of 400 yards passing, one of the top passers in the country.

Josh Kaufman: Stephen Morris. The QB is the most important player on the field.

Matthew Pollack: Many will say Duke. I will say OL They played exceptional all year long and kept Morris on his feet.

Anthony Cutino: The Duke. ACC POY, Freshman All-American, Team MVP. Enough said.

Hans Rudi Walker: Mike James his drive and leadership are that of a true Cane.

SOTU: Which 'Cane will be the most improved next year?

Dee Kieft: .Dallas Crawford-he'll have a breakout year and we'll go 10-2 next year.

Gregory Dixon II: Breakout player next year Deon Bush!!!

Bo Jackson: Most improved next year Gabe Terry.

Shawn Hazelwood: Tracy Howard.

Kyle Hyde: Gabe Terry, Tracy Howard, and Tyriq McCord

Josh Kaufman: Deon Bush

Kelvin Green: Anthony Chickillo.

Annette Gallagher: Phillip Dorsett, he had a really bad time with catches at the beginning and was much better by the end. It looked like someone was working with him - if that continues, I'd expect him to be great next year.

Grisselle Morales: Gabe!!! And my favorite moment was watching him block the punt. (Editor's note: It's only fair that we mention that Grisselle is the very proud mom of Gabe Terry.)

Patrick Wagnac: Hopefully Curtis Porter improves his health, and become that force inside.

Scott Miller: Everybody will be improved next year. 9-10 wins is not out of the question and a top 25 ranking!

Carnell Jenkins: Dorsett, he feels he let his team and himself down with multiple drops and is focused for next season. Leonard Hankerson started his career the same way and ended up being the 'Canes All-Time leading reciever. Also Walford, who came on late.

SOTU: Predictions for next season?

Bo Jackson: 14-0 !! y'all sleep.

Shawn Hazelwood: 13-1, ACC Champs.

Anthony Shinhoster Jr: 9-3

Josh Kaufman: 10-2.

Bobby Gagnon: 9-3 depending on how much the defensive line play improves.

Brynn Ferris: I think we will be tougher than this year. All those rookies that played will be experienced. they would be 1 year stronger. I think we will be a legit 8-4 or 9-3 next year. If I had to pick one, I'd say 9-3.

Anthony Cutino: 9-2, ACC Champs and BCS game.

Brandon Borino: A stronger, faster, and more consistent team. We go 10-2 or 11-2.

Jimmy Umpleby: I say 10-2 and Duke will be in NY for the Heisman show.

SOTU: All things considered, was the season a success?? Yes or No.

Over 100 'Canes fans responded to this question and a solid 80% responded yes. The most consistent reasons given for those who felt it was a good year, were the youth of the team and exceeded expectations. Those who felt it was not, generally expressed that accepting anything less then National Championship contention is accepting failure. For those who still want to vote, see the attached poll below.

And with that we conclude our look at the 2012 Miami Hurricanes Season and our Q&A with the fans.

Thanks to all who took the time to answer. For those who did not get a chance, please feel free to leave a comment below.