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State of the U catches up with Trey McKinney Jones on Media Day.

In preparation for Miami's crucial battle with Michigan State we spent a few moments with the Hurricanes versatile wing man, Trey McKinney Jones.

TMJ celebrates with Shane Larkin.
TMJ celebrates with Shane Larkin.
Kevin C. Cox

The 6'5 senior G/F is averaging 11.5 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 2.5 apg and 1.5 steals. His ability to do a little bit of everything has earned him the nickname "The Swiss Army Knife."Since transferring from University of Missouri-Kansas City he has been one of UM's best players.

Here is our full Q&A with Trey McKinney Jones:

SOTU: When you decided to transfer from UMKC, what made you choose Miami?

TMJ: Well I was deciding whether to go to Wisconsin in the Big Ten, or Miami in the ACC. I liked what the ACC presented. Especially the amount of success players from the ACC had at the next level.So it was what was best for me, and in the long run being more successful. More people from the ACC then the Big Ten seem to be at the next level.

SOTU: We have really noticed your floor game, specifically passing and handling have improved. Is that something you have worked on, or something that has always been there that we are now just seeing more of?

TMJ: It is something that I have worked to improve on but also always has been there. Growing up I was strictly a point guard, so I'm use to handling the ball. At UMKC I also handled the ball more. It is something that I got a little away from last year. I have made a conscious effort to have that all around game and not just be a shooter.

SOTU: Is there anybody in the NBA, or growing up who you modeled your game after?

TMJ: My uncle Mark (Jones). He had a big part in helping me grow as a basketball player. He played for the University of Minnesota and played overseas professionally, as well as in the NBA for the Magic. I grew up watching him, and he's been training me every off season. My uncle Mark more so then any current NBA player has influenced my game.

SOTU: Very cool. We are going to look him up.

SOTU: Not to look too far ahead, but among the players you went against in the ACC last year, is there anyone who sticks out as a tough match-up?

TMJ: Harrison Barnes last year at UNC. I haven't gotten to see much of the ACC yet. But amongst this year's players, Steph Curry of Duke. He is going to have a big year this year. And of course C.J. Leslie with NC State as well. We have been pretty focused mostly on our non conference schedule. Coach Larranaga is pretty big on not letting us look too far ahead.

SOTU: Can you tell us a little about the Swiss Army Knife nickname?

TMJ: I don't remember who gave it to me. I know Shane said something about it this year.

SOTU: I think actually my (former) Category 6 partner Josh came up with it? Its' an apt nickname for you being able to do a little of everything on the court.

TMJ: Yeah, I like that!

SOTU: Last question for today. What message do you have for Miami Hurricanes fans for Wednesday night and going forward?

TMJ: It is like a new season for us. We have all the pieces in place. The sky is the limit for us. It is going to be a great season. Come out and support us.

We can't thank Trey enough for allowing us to interview him. We hope the fans follow his advice and Pack the BUC all season long as the Miami Hurricanes strive for an outstanding season.