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ACC to add Louisville.

The game of musical chairs better known as conference realignment continued this morning, with the ACC voting to add Louisville to the mix, replacing departed Maryland.


Miami may get a shot to face former recruit Teddy Bridgewater at some point. The Louisville Cardinals have reportedly agreed to leave the Big East in favor of the ACC.

The Cardinals, who are bowl bound in football for the third consecutive year and a national power in hoops, were chosen over fellow Big East school UConn who were also in contention.

My Take: I sincerely hope that at the very least, this is the last move involving ACC schools. After Maryland departed there were rumors that Virginia and UNC might bolt as well. There were even whispers FSU would seek greener pastures. We all know that in the ACC, basketball is king. At times I have hoped Miami would head to a more football friendly conference (The SEC and Big 12 have been rumored). But more then anything I hope all the shifting and money grabbing comes to an end. Rivalries are what make conferences strong. Proximity helps build rivalries. There is nothing natural about Boise State and Temple, or Rutgers and Michigan, squaring off. On a positive note, Louisville and Miami do have some history, and with the Cardinals recruiting heavy in South Fla. year in year out, they could have some heated contests in football. Additionally Rick Pitino and company will only add to the tradition of excellence the ACC has in basketball.

Much more on this as it develops..... Stay tuned!