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Win Tickets To Any Game This Year

Join the Hyundai Fanthropology hunt to find the best college football fan. Tell us why Canes fans are the most loyal, passionate fans in the land and win tickets to any college football game of your choice.

Ronald Martinez

Our friends at Hyundai Fanthropology are trying to find the best college football fan in the country. And they are willing to spend some money to do it- the winner gets 2 tickets to any football game of their choice, plus airfare and hotel accommodations (possibly unlike the Canes, your prize is bowl eligible). I tried to save them time and effort and told them just to pick a Cane, because with the smoke, the Ibis, and the history, no one can compete. I sent them a copy of the 1991 Cotton Bowl, and despite being awed at Randall Hill's faux-pistol skills and the sheer amount of yellow on the field, they insisted we go through the motions in order for it to appear fair to everyone else.

Now the question you've been asking yourself, "How do I win?"

They've made it easy, because even South Carolina and Maryland fans are eligible. In the comments, tell us why you, and Canes fans as a whole, are the best fan(s) in all of college football. What made us stick through the Coker and Shannon doldrums? Why do you brave the 90 degree SunLife heat in August? When all your friends forsake the U when they went to a random state school, what kept you loyal? They might be docking us a few points for attendance, so make up for it with your wit, class, charm, and knowledge. I've seen you guys in action in our game threads. You got this.

Personally, I love that University of Miami Football is about family. Miami has never had the open checkbook or the 400k alums or huge on campus stadium of their rivals, but it never mattered. What UM has is family and heart. It's why Barrow is coaching up a storm, it's why Ray Lewis is going to be stomping the sideline over the next couple years, it's why Ed Reed and Jimmy Johnson show up to inspire the newest generation of Canes. When your family has your back, not just for 4 years but forever, you give them 110%. It's our family against the world. You can't put a price tag on that.

So now tell me your story. If you have the best comment on SotU, you and I will talk about the one thing we have in common, on the front page of SotU no less. Think of it as your first step towards internet fame! If our conversation is chosen by the Hyundai judges as their favorite, you and I are going to any game of your choice. Because we both know you are going to pick me. (Editor's note: You are under no obligation to pick Popa's Shoes). Even if you don't want to talk to me on the front page, tell us why you know Canes fans are the best.

By commenting below, you are subject to and accept Hyundai's Fanthropology Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions.