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State Of The U BlogPoll Ballot: Week 10

SOTU ranks the top 25 based a little bit off of the actual rankings, and a little bit off of what we saw over the weekend.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The time has come to submit our weekly ballot for the SB Nation BlogPoll. Here's what we thought:

  • After a thrilling win over LSU, Bama retains the top spot. I left LSU at number 5, simply because the took the almighty Saban down to the wire.
  • KSU comes in at number 2, over Oregon, because they both have continued to win, but the schedule favors the Wildcats better.
  • Georgia comes in at number 4 after taking care of Ole Miss, and thereby getting that much closer to the SECCG.
  • Notre Dame falls out of the top 5 because....3 over times...against Pitt....
  • Texas A&M is a bit of a newcomer to the top tier, because Johnny Football is simply amazing.
  • I brought Miami into the fold at 25, because they are back in control of the coastal, and pulled off the upset over VT.