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The Saga of Kelvin Cain: A Positive Turn of Events!

The Kelvin Cain situation was a weird one. A lot of information was flying around, and not all of it was guaranteed to be true. Regardless of what was true or not, Cain is back on the team.


We covered the Kelvin Cain story as best we could when it happened, and then we just sort of left it alone. We did this because it became increasingly obvious that there was something of a personal nature that was the driving force behind whatever was going on, and that sort of stuff is none of our business. If Cain was having to work through something like that, that's his cross to bear, and that's that.

However, the saga took a very positive turn today, when reports started trickling out that Cain had been reinstated to the team. It was first reported by Inside The U and was later confirmed by multiple sources. There still is not a lot of information to go around, since it was a personal matter, but Anthony Chiang of the Sun Sentinel posted Golden's comments regarding the situation:

After leaving the Hurricanes during their bye week in late October, Kelvin Cain is back with the team.

The backup defensive end practiced with Miami’s scout team Monday for the first since leaving the squad for unspecified reasons (sic).

"It’s personal, but he has been reinstated," head coach Al Golden said. "He sorted some things out, so I’m happy for the young man. It’s good to see him back out here today."

It doesn't appear that we will be getting any more information than that, but that should be enough. If depth is available, that's not a bad thing, and assuming he has everything together and is working hard, Cain provides a valuable body on the back end of the depth chart. his performance to-date has certainly left a bit to be desired, but if any of that was due to whatever it was he was working through, hopefully that's behind him now and he can work on living up to his potential.