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Dan E. Dangerously Delivers Again

Oh yes, he's back, whether he wants to be or not. Mainly because of this:



But also because of this:

Sims and Rocco are the 2 Headed Monster at QB for Virginia. Each has thrown over 1,000 yards for a total of 2,400 yards passing. Neither one of them are threats to run the ball. Rocco only has 72 yards on 20 attempts, and Sims only has 10 yards on 29 attempts.

Rocco was the starter last year and he was efficient enough to beat us, going 11/20 for 226 yards and a couple of TD's. This year he's completing passes at a rate of 58.2%. He's got 8 TD's and 8 picks, 3 of those picks came in the Maryland game alone.

Sims is a Virginia native who transferred from Alabama because he couldn't beat out A.J. McCarron for the job. Sims isn't much better of a passer, completing 55.8% of his passes. Like Rocco, he's thrown 8 TD's this year as well, but only 4 picks.

The rest of his breakdown can be founJUST CLICK HERE ALREADY AND READ IT