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Hurricane Injury Report for the Virginia Game

The Canes released their injury report for the upcoming game against Virginia. The majority of it was no surprise, but it did hold one extremely unfortunate bit of news. Freshman WR Robert Lockhart, who only saw action in 2 games totaling about 10 snaps, is listed as being done for the year. Lockhart had been working extremely hard to earn his playing time, and this injury (whatever it is) is a heart breaker.This all but locks Herb Waters into that "which freshman will play" roll.

Outside of that, everything else was expected. Safety Deon Bush is officially out for the game, and linebacker/man beast Denzel Perryman is listed as doubtful. At this point, don't expect Perryman to start the game, and as far as playing time, it will likely be as needed. Of course, if he wakes up on game day and is ready to go, they'll play him no question.