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Thomas Finnie Arrested In Connection With Last Week's Campus Laptop Theft

Miami corner back Thomas Finnie turned himself into police Tuesday morning and has been charged in last week's laptop theft.


Fresh on the heels of the new recruit, we get some extremely disappointing news dealing with an existing player. As we are all by now aware, there was a flurry of police activity surrounding Miami's campus last Tuesday night. As it turns out, a couple of people were involved in the theft of a laptop, and one suspect had already been caught. There were rumors that a Canes player was involved in the activity, but those were dispelled quickly, and the story sort of died.

Not too long ago, we learned that Thomas Finnie had turned himself in to police this morning and was been charged with occupied burglary and grand theft, and also has been given a campus-wide trespass warning. Of course, once UM learned of this, they suspended him indefinitely from all team activities.

Here's the official statement from UM:

Following the arrest for his involvement in the theft of a laptop computer, UM sophomore football student-athlete Thomas Finnie has been immediately suspended from all University of Miami athletic activities

Whether or not this signals the end of his Miami career remains to be seen. What we do know, is that Golden does not take kindly to idiocy of this magnitude, and this coupled with Finnie's past transgressions (info on those can be found HERE) does not bode well for the young fellow.


Thanks to Twitter follower @TheU1991 for pointing out the CBS Miami write-up regarding the Finnie story. According to the post:

It all began Tuesday Dec. 4th at the Pearson Dorm on UM’s campus when someone stole a laptop belonging to former redshirt defensive back Robert Wright.

Wright placed an electronic message on the laptop screen that read, “If you return my laptop, I’ll give you a thousand dollars.”

The next day, he received a call from a blocked number. The caller advised ‘I have your laptop. I want the thousand dollars.’” Coral Gables police officer Dean Wellinghoff said.

With the help of University Police, Wright was involved in a sting at the campus arena, the Bank United Center where suspect Del’Neco Streeter appeared with another person, said police. Police said Streeter handed over the laptop to Wright and asked for the cash. When officers suddenly appeared Streeter took off. He was eventually captured and the second suspect was never located until now.

If there was any question that Finnie should be off the team and not just suspended before, there shouldn't be after this. The laptop was stolen from a team mate, a member of the family that you are supposed to be a part of. That alone should get you removed from the team immediately. Good luck to Thomas in whatever he does, but I would be shocked if he isn't kicked off in short order once the dust settles.