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Welcome To The U: JUCO TE Beau Sandland Commits To The Canes

Wednesday morning turned out to be huge for the Canes, as a much needed tight end prospect pledged his services to Miami.

Joel Auerbach

After the 2012 class was finalized, Al Golden was not bashful in identifying tight end as a major position of need with the 2013 class. The team had a few of guys in Clive Walford, Asante Cleveland, and Dyron Dye who could play the position, but who were not the pass catching threat of Miami teams of old. Well, to that end, Golden has done work.

This class is poised to bring in Jeremy Kerr (who, admittedly, may very well end up on the OL), Standish Dobard, and now, as of today, Beau Sandland. Sandland is a prized JUCO recruit out of California who stands 6' 6" and weighs in at 250. Our own Etan Katz compares him to a Tony Scheffler type tight end, and if that's the case, then Miami got themselves a good one.Sandland chose between Miami and Arizona State, and also had Nebraska as a choice until their TE coach left for Kentucky.

Here's what Sandland had to say about his commitment (courtesy of CanesInsight):

Sandland committed to Miami for several reasons including the relationship he had with the coaches.

"I felt really comfortable with Coach Golden, Coach Fisch, and Coach Carroll. I like how they run the Pro-style offense with all the experience coach Fisch has and I just felt very comfortable, somewhere I could see myself playing two years."

The visit he took to Miami was what helped seal the deal:

The #1 JUCO Tight End visited Miami recently and talked about what it was like to be in Miami.

"I just felt really comfortable. I love Coral Gables, love the weather, the city, the campus. It’s really the people that make the place."

As far as what his plans are once he arrives on campus in January, Beau had this to say:

"First and foremost I want to get acclimated and then try and learn as much as I can as quick as I can. Obviously I’m behind the ball coming in there because of all the other tight ends. I want to try to compete from day one and play tight end."

Another factor that helped Miami seem like a more perfect fit for the JUCO prospect was its rich history of great tight ends.

"Yeah, It something that I looked up and really intrigued me."

MORE QUOTES: These come courtesy of John Bastian from CanesInsider

Golden couldn't immediately take Sandland's call because he was getting in his cardio:

“I called Coach (Brennan) Carroll first, then he put Coach (Jedd) Fisch on the phone and then I talked to Coach (Al) Golden ten minutes later because he was out on his morning jog when I called,” Sandland said. “Coach Carroll was ecstatic, he said he was doing a little dance. He was happy.”

Regarding making the choice itself, and who it was between:

“Really they (Miami, Arizona State and Nebraska) were my top three, but it really came down to Miami and Nebraska,” Sandland said. “I don’t know who put that report out there (that Nebraska was eliminated) but it was totally false. It was a really tough decision. I love both of them and it was like splitting hairs. In the end, I thought the best for my education and my future was Miami. It was the best place for me.”

Interesting take on the Travis Johnson de-committment:

“That was something that I only found out about from you (Jon Bastian) telling me,” Sandland said. “I didn’t know (about Johnson’s de-commitment) and I wasn’t committed to Miami or anything. I didn’t tell them anything. I told them and Nebraska it would be them two these last couple of days, but I never committed to them or hinted that I would be committing to them or anything like that. That kid de-committed just thinking I was going to go there I guess. He’s right, now. When I first heard that, I thought, well this kid is more sure than I am.”

Matt Shodell over at Canesport has a short video of the announcement (Warning, GRAPHIC):

Beau Sandland announcement (via mattshodell)

Take a look at his highlights:

Beau Sandland Sophomore Highlight L.A. Pierce College (via beausandland)