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The Canes Lose A Coach, Just Not The One Anyone Expected

Wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator George McDonald is leaving Miami for Arkansas.

Joel Auerbach

When the off season started early for the Canes, the question on everyone's mind who has followed the program lately is "where will Al Golden go?" Well, weeks passed and job offers came in, and Golden turned down all of them. A few people in the know were adamant that he wasn't leaving, but if you're a Canes fan and you tell someone that you were 100% confident he would stay, you're lying.

The Canes did lose a coach, though. WR coach George McDonald, who was brought on to replace Aubrey Hill because of you-know-who, was announced as the new coach of the same position at Arkansas. New Razorbacks coach Bret Bielema was drawn to Fayetteville for many reasons, but one of the ones that had a lot of play was the ability to pay his assistants more money.

The move is absolutely a lateral one for McDonald, which is puzzling at best. However, if the contract he is getting from Arkansas is larger, one can't really blame the man for making the move. Since the announcement was made just last night, there has not been a whole lot of chatter as to who the Canes will hire as the replacement. There also does not seem to have been a whole lot of recruiting impact, although McDonald was fairly active in that side of the operation.

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