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SB Nation Recruiting Takes A Look At The Under Armour Defensive Ends

Our own Bud Elliot is at the Under Armour practices and game this week, and is providing some excellent coverage of the festivities. The first practice was today, and Bud gathered his thoughts on the defensive end position. This is of interest to Canes fans particularly because of recruiting target Tim Williams.

Here's what Bud thought after day 1:

Tim Williams: When a prospect that plays on LSU's campus (literally, at the LSU magnet school) is supposedly an elite player, at a position of need for the Tigers, but doesn't hold an offer, something is up. And indeed that is the case with Williams. Williams is a good player, but his long-term potential, at least as a true defensive end, seems limited by his narrow frame. And he doesn't have the crazy quickness to compensate for his lack of size in order to justify the extremely high rating given to him by some recruiting websites.

While not good news, that certainly doesn't mean that Williams won't find a home at the next level. It also doesn't mean that he won't stand out the rest of the week. Of course, it could very well mean that he may turn out to be a miss compared to his lofty ranking across the big sites.

So does Miami still have a shot at Williams? According to a tweet by InsideTheU (paid), they just might:

Stay tuned!