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Under Armour All-America Game Wide Receivers: Miami Targets

Once again, Bud Elliot is dropping knowledge from the UA game practice from today. This time around, he concentrated his efforts on the wide receivers, of which two are Miami targets. Stacy Coley and Jordan Cunningham are both on Miami's radar at varying levels.

Here' what Bud saw from Coley on day one:

Stacy Coley: Coley is arguably the top receiver in Florida. For some reason, he did not wear football pants on day one, instead opting for shorts. He dropped at least one catchable pass and did not play like I've seen him do on numerous other occasions, but he wasn't bad.

Coley is thought to basically be between FSU and Miami for his services next year. A while back there was talk that he was ready to commit to UM, but then wavered a bit more. FSU recently offered a friend of his, which seems to be their forte as of late, so this is back up in the air. Miami won't give up on him though.

Outside of Coley, there is Jordan Cunningham:

Jordan Cunningham injured his knee, but the injury is not thought to be one that will keep him out of Friday's game. Stanford is thought to be Cunningham's leader, but this one seems far from over.

Cunningham is still on Miami's radar, but most see him as a backup plan if Coley slips away. Stanford is the leader here, but there's word out there that if Miami were to officially offer him, he would likely commit to the Canes. If this is the case, you could see why they are hesitant to do so with Coley on the board and a smaller class.