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On Miami Being "Snubbed"

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Hello, all. The Canes being shut out of the 2012 NCAA Tournament certainly doesn't mean that we— and you— won't be filling out a bracket this year, and this year we'd love if you joined the SB Nation/Yahoo "Wisdom of the Crowds" bracket challenge.

Unsurprisingly, the Canes were shut out of the filed of 68 last night, although as the second team left out of the bracket, they were closer than I think many people thought they were. The Canes had two fantastic wins, but they also had two (maybe three) chances to secure a spot in the field, and they more or less blew it. A win at Maryland on the road, and the Canes are likely in with a 10-6 conference record. A win at North Carolina State on the road and the Canes are definitely in with a 10-6 record and another quality win. Beat Florida State in the ACC Tournament— albeit shorthanded— and the Canes are easily in.

So no, the Canes were not snubbed, but it also wasn't their year. If Miami has Reggie Johnson for a full year, they likely make the tournament, and you might be able to say the same if Julian Gamble was healthy. But the Canes will be better next year, with growth from emerging underclassmen like Shane Larkin and Rion Brown and the return of bedrocks like Durand Scott and Reggie Jonson. This year was rather crushing, but next season just may be Miami's year.

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