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Randy Shannon Suing The University of Miami

Will he ever go away?
Will he ever go away?

Yeah, unfortunately you read that right. Former UM linebacker/coordinator/head coach Randy Shannon has filed a law suit against the University of Miami as of April 26th. This story has been broken by a few different sources, and most have included a scan of the paperwork. While I am not well versed in legalese, there are a few things that are relatively clear.

Basically, ths is broken down into two parts, an Employment Agreement and an Guarantee Agreement. Shannon is alleging that, as part of the Employment Agreement he signed prior to his firing, he was to be paid a certain amount if he happened to be terminated without cause prior to the contact ending, and he was also obligated to receive payment based upon the team's appearance in a bowl game. The suit is claiming that Shannon was paid everything he was owed based upon the Employment Agreement, but that the university is saying that due to him being paid that full amount under the Employment Agreement, the amount he is owed under the Guarantee Agreement (a certain sum of money paid quarterly for each year of his employment) must be prorated.

LAYMAN BREAKDOWN: It appears Shannon's dispute is over a prorated amount that the university alleges it does not owe. Shannon was paid for the bowl game, and paid the amount he was owed at the time of his firing. He is saying he did not get paid his quarterly installments that were promised him as per his contract, or at least was not paid the full amount.*

We all have our own opinions of Shannon. On one hand, he is an all-Miami guy with a great success story who was put into a position he probably shouldn't have been. On the other, he is a guy who took a position and continually failed at it, and did nothing to help himself in the eyes of the fans. This lawsuit will certainly notfurther his cause, but the fact remains that if he is owed money based on a contract the school gave him, then that's that. I say just settle this thing, give him whatever he is owed, and get him away from our football program. His time served with us was rewarded when he was given the chance to lead his alma mater, nothing else is owed. There will surely be more to come as this whole mess unfolds, and of course we will have it covered.

*If any of this is misunderstood, let me know in the comments. I don't pretend to know the first thing about legal paperwork and the words/terms therein.