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And Away We Go - Miami, FSU, VT, and Clemson Have Reportedly Contacted The Big 12

Could this banner soon show XIV?
Could this banner soon show XIV?

The Texas Longhorns' Rivals affiliate, Orangebloods, has posted a story that should get everyone's attention if you happen to cheer for the ACC. More specifically, if you happen to cheer for any of the four teams mentioned above. Read on to see what (allegedly) has happened.

Keep in mind that this is conference expansion. A game that everyone plays but not everyone actually wins, and in the meantime, no one outside of the Need To Know's has any clue what is going on. That being said, two sources have apparently said that Florida State, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and Miami have all reached out to the Big 12 informally to try and gauge interest in expansion. That italicized word is important, because until there is official contact, this is all just puffery. At any rate, one of the sources apparently put the odds at expansion at "55 to 60 percent" and listed the targets as being headed by Notre Dame, followed by FSU, then Clemson, then VT and Miami. It appears as any news on expansion, if at all, would not come until late June once the proposed 4-team playoff structure is finalized. That will go a long way in determining whether the league expands at all, or goes to an 11, 12, or 14 team format.

What do you think of the possibility that the Big 12 tries to add the four "major" players from the ACC?