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Al Golden Is Coming to a Town Near You

My name is Al Golden, and I'm here to recruit you!
My name is Al Golden, and I'm here to recruit you!

One thing that has impressed me about Al Golden (beyond the manner in which he's handled the Nevin Shapiro bombshell, and pulled in a strong recruiting class, to boot) is how available he has made himself to promote the University of Miami program. At least that's my view from the other side of the state, where Al Golden came on my radio show shortly after national signing day and gave one hell of an interview where other coaches and/or athletic departments from major programs in the state and region gave us the cold shoulder. I've heard him on other shows both in this market and in South Florida. And, if you're the U, why not? It's a terrific way to sell your program to pipeline areas. I've never understood why coaches are so closed off to making offseason media appearances when it's nothing but free advertisement for their programs, but I digress to some degree.

And now, Al Golden embarks on a summer of love.......with Hurricane alums and supporters. Golden will be embarking on a multi-state, seven-city tour that began on May 1 and wraps up on June 5. The full schedule can be found here. Golden will be joined at various stops by Shawn Eichorst, Jedd Fisch, Art Kehoe, Micheal Barrow, and a cast of coaches and special guests, which will vary from site to site. The tour started May 1 in Atlanta and will also touch down in Chicago and New York City. In-state stops include South Florida, Orlando, and Tampa.

So, if you feel like rubbing elbows with the Hurricane staff and talking Hurricanes football with other loyal diehards, make your reservations now.