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Future Canes - Miami Recruiting Update 7/17/12

He's after your recruits.
He's after your recruits.

Recruiting is truly a 24/7, 365 type of business. Updates are out there almost daily, and can sometimes be hard to track down. Here at T7F, we love to keep you guys as up to date as possible on all the goings on with Golden & Co and their potential targets.

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DT/OL recruit Dante Phillips has been a bit of a whirlwind lately. Denied admission to Florida reportedly for academic reasons (although word has it that Muschamp and his crew just didn't need him anymore), he has of late been rumored to be close to signing with Miami. He was scheduled to visit Coral Gables last weekend, but that visit was postponed until this week....or was it? He has yet to make it down to Miami, but he has visted WKU and Tennessee. His twitter handle has been changed to "knoxvillebound", although his tweets still seem to leave some question as to where he will land. At this point, it is fairly safe to say that he won;t end up a Cane, but that he most likely will end up a Vol. Good luck to the wayward young man.

Next week could wind up being a fairly exciting one for Miami and its fans. Two pretty high profile recruits are set to announce their decisions, one on Monday at 3pm, and the other "sometime" following. The first of the recruits to announce, CB Artie Burns, has narrowed his list down to five schools: Miami, FSU, USCw, Alabama, and LSU. As you can tell, he is highly sought after, and apparently has his pick of any school he wants more or less. It's up in the air with this one as to where he ends up, although a little bird or two has let me know that he is a Miami lean.

The second recruit to announce will be safety prospect Jamal Carter. He is an athletic kid, although according to some he leave a bit to be desired on the field. This could just be a result of being raw, which admittedly most recruits are. Either way, he's a consensus 4 star recruit, and would be a great addition to the Miami secondary. He is not being as highly sought after, and was thought to be committing to Miami before, when we ended up getting OL Alex Gall. Both Carter and Burns are saying that their forthcoming decision will be their final one, and both have previously spoken highly of Miami. If Golden lands one or even both of these, it would be a big get for the current class, and would definitely help bring in other kids who are considering Miami. In fact, Burns has said that he wants to make his choice so that he can help his prospective school recruit. Gotta love that.

One last quick note, Rivals 4 star OL recruit Richy Klepal will be announcing his decision TODAY at 2pm. He has Miami on his final 4 list, although most have him pegged as picking FSU. As they say though, it ain't over till it's over, so let's hope Golden pulls a bit of a coup here. The OL could use all the help it can get.

[UPDATE: Klepal chose FSU as expected.]