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Future Canes - Miami Recruiting Update 7/18/12

Hell if I know, man. You're guess is as good as any!
Hell if I know, man. You're guess is as good as any!

Another day, another weird recruiting story floating around the internets. Not a huge amount of info, but this one definitely warrants filling you guys in.


Okeydokey. So we all know how fickle the minds of 17-19 year old kids can be, yes? Young guys who think they know everything trying to make one of the biggest choices of their lives. Well, there's that, and then there's the story of young Maquedius Bain. Bain is a 3 star DT recruit according to Rivals and 247, and a 4 star according to Scout and ESPN. He's a pretty sought after kid, more for his extreme weather of talent than his actual honed ability. He has been committed to FSU since last year. Then, around February, he announced that there was a new school heading up his favorites list, one that was located down in sunny Coral Gables. Of course, this was quickly changed again, back to FSU. This sort of thing is pretty normal, but Bain wasn't done. About a week or so ago, he confused everyone by saying that Miami was again his leader, but that he was still committed to Florida State. He went a bit further, saying that while he was still committed to them, FSU was not in his top five list of schools. Understandably, this could not have sat well with Jimbo and his posse. It was announced today that Bain has officially decommitted from FSU, and was looking at about six new ones, although he is expected to eventually land at Miami. While his commitment would be a good one, this is certainly one to take with a grain of salt, sand, and whatever other small granulated material you have nearby.

WR prospect Jordan Cunningham is considering the Canes, although he isn't talking much about recruiting other than that. He apparently hasn't planned a visit to Miami, which isn't entirely surprising given the fact that he is from Ft. Lauderdale. He has said that given the chance, he will visit, but that it isn't necessary for him as far as his decision factors in. This would be one to keep an eye on, since the WR corps will need all the help they can get going forward.

Golden has been known to pinch recruits from other schools and states, but as of yet it seems he has loved to pick on LSU and VT the most. Well, if things go right, you can add Mizzou to that list, as it seems one of there current WR recruits, J'Mon Moore, is showing a lot of interest in Miami. It's pretty unclear at this point whether Golden will get him to flip or not, but he certainly seems to have the ability to do so.

That about does it for this Future Canes update. Or does it. It does. I'm no longer committed to these. Wait...