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Future Canes - Miami Recruiting Update 7/23/12: Artie Burns Commits To Miami

Artie Burns via SBNation Recruiting
Artie Burns via SBNation Recruiting

Well, it appears that Yahoo! report or not, recruiting is still on track, and Golden still has a reputation and rapport among prospects. The school is standing behind him, the ACC commish is behind him, and it appears that commits are still willing to stand with him as well. Canes fans, we got ourselves a hell of a coach here.

On to the report!

First off, the good news. Let's give a big "WELCOME TO THE U" to DB commit Artie Burns, who pledged his services to Golden over the weekend, but made it official today. Burns is a consensus 4 star recruit, and provides this years class with its first defensive back, which is never a bad thing. The word is is that this is his final decision, and that he will be done with recruiting from here on out. He really wants to help out with recruiting from his position (don't worry, that's allowed). Gotta love it! Highlight video:

Highlight Vid (via centennialhomer)

Now, the potential bad news. 5 star recruit Vernon Hargreaves III had released his new top 5 schools a few days back, and Miami made the list. Unfortunately, it looks like he, as is to be expected, reacted poorly to the report that Yahoo! released. He tweeted that night that it "throws a curve ball into his top five", mentioning that "Miami just can't seem to stay out of trouble." The next day, he added to that, saying "don't believe everything you hear...true but that still gives off bad vibes and no one wants to be involved with that." While these certainly are pretty damning opinions, one thing to remember is that he as of yet has never officially eliminated anyone. Not only that, but seeing as his father is a former Hurricane, I am sure that he will be in his ear to let things play out and not to make a rash decision. People seem to think that he would end up at Florida, which may still be the case, but with this one it is up in the air until he signs on the dotted line.

As far as safety Jamal Carter is concerned, there hasn't been much word from him regarding the timing of his decision. I can only assume that he still plans on announcing this week, and Miami is still in it. Getting a safety and a CB in the same week would be pretty big for Golden & Co, so let's hope the dice roll in our favor.