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The Extremity Report: 7/27/2012

"Lets get the question every one wants to ask over right away. It's shampoo,<em> then</em> conditioner. Works every time."
"Lets get the question every one wants to ask over right away. It's shampoo, then conditioner. Works every time."

A lot going on with the ACC Media Days in Greensboro this week. Not many surprises, as Florida State was picked as the eventual conference champion, with Virginia Tech taking the Coastal. Miami was picked to finish fifth in the Coastal, only ahead of lowly Duke. Ouch. Even more of a mental bruise? The only player picked to the All-ACC team from Coral Gables is punter Dalton Botts. Those media members sure know how to troll. Picking the player they figure will be used the most this year? Troll city, baby. But the ACC Media Day does mean one good thing: lots of Al Golden and video!

Al Golden talking about the new culture of Miami Hurricane Football.

Al Golden talking about the upcoming QB competition, without of course hinting at who he will pick as starter come August.

Al Golden talks about his coaching integrity in the face of the recent Yahoo! hack job witch hunt personal vendetta report last Friday.

And yet another Al Golden, this time getting inside the minds of everyone in the cfb nation.

"I think people miss us being on the national scene, deep down inside," Golden said. "It’s really unique to be in a city like Miami and really have that kind of enclave of Hurricane fans. It’s really unique because I’ve been in Boston and I’ve been in Philadelphia, but this is unique."

Golden must have stolen some of Jimmy's mastering of psychology down in the Keys last week.

Former HC Randy Shannon reportedly hired as LB coach at TCU. Somebody better alert the FAA, cause there's gonna be lots of guys FLYING AROUND in Fort Worth this fall.

I loved the video last week of the Michigan game, and thought it would be cool to throw one in here each week until we run out. So enjoy the 1985 game at Oklahoma, a 27-14 win. Beautiful orange tube socks, Michael Irvin as a freshman, and yes, Troy Aikman breaking his ankle courtesy of Jerome Brown running the Wishbone. Wait, why am I striking that out? Watch for Jerome Brown breaking Troy Aikman's ankle in the 2nd quarter, breaking it all the way to UCLA.

Around the ACC

Georgia Tech DC Al Groh breaks down his own defense.

UNC WR Todd Harrelson dismissed from team, and Larry Fedora won't allow his namesake in the building.

Boston College alum laments being a die-hard sports fan living in London. Pretty much the exact reason I would never live anywhere closer to the Greenwich Mean Time zone.

Virginia Tech blog The Key Play ranks the school's last 10 QBs. I think we know who my #1 is.....

Reasons Boston College will be improved in 2012. Lets hope they don't figure it out until after the wearing white season is over.

This is entirely not ACC, but so drastic a change I believe worthy of a mention. Penn State is considering a new uniform look this year, potentially even adding names to their jerseys. As an unabashed fan of simplicity over everything else when it comes to unis, this is a step in the wrong direction.