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Hurricane Roundup - Recruits, Numbers, Camp, and Suspensions (maybe)

April 14, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA;  Sebastian the mascot fires up the crowd during  the spring scrimmage game for the University of Miami at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE
April 14, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Sebastian the mascot fires up the crowd during the spring scrimmage game for the University of Miami at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE

Fresh back from the first of two week long vacations, I want to go ahead and give you all the run down of the interesting goings on of the past week or so. There's some good, some bad, and some kinda neat, so hit the jump to get the info!

Let's start off with this whole Ray Ray Armstrong and Seantrel Henderson flap. As of right now, the information stands as initially reported. Apparently Henderson was a day late returning for the second summer class session, and is serving his punishment with no other ill effects. Ray Ray may or may not have interacted with a booster on Twitter, and is also reportedly suspended indefinitely. NOW, with that being said, here's my take on that. No one has seen any actual tweets between Ray Ray and anyone who is a booster. An indefinite suspension while the had coach is on vacation has the feel of "we aren't sure what is going on just quite yet, so lets label this a suspension and sort it out when possible." Of course, the university has declined further comment, so nothing is set in stone as of yet. It's up to you whether or not you want to jump on the "he will never learn" bandwagon, and it would certainly be deserved based on track record alone. However, there just simply is not much info to this story yet, and even less evidence, so let's just let this whole thing play out, shall we?


Next up, recruiting news. The big news here is the commitment of two very good prospects, OL Alex Gall and WR/TE (more on this later) Travis Johnson. Gall is a much needed prospect, as the offensive line will need some work in the coming years, and he may be better than rated. The bigger fish is Johnson, who at 6' 3" is pretty much uncover-able at his current position, which is wide receiver. He wants to play the same position in college, and apparently can be pretty defensive about it, but he figures to be more of a tight end prospect than wide receiver. However, watching him play sure reminds me a lot of a certain NFL TE/WR by the name of Graham.

As far as guys on the radar, there are a couple of big names that have recently begun to show up more and more. LB Matthew Thomas, CB Vernon Hargreaves III, and WR Levonte "Kermit" Whitfield are all popping up around the Canes lately. Thomas is reportedly visiting the Miami campus for the second time soon, which bodes fairly well for their chances. If a recruit wants to come back, he must like something. A lot of people think that he will end up at Miami due to his Miramar friends (Tracy Howard and Malcolm Lewis), but as with any recruiting race, this one is up in the air. Hargreaves is a bit more interesting. While he has yet to make a decision, he has openly said his final three are Miami, South Florida, and Florida. He has good reasons to pick any of the three, although it would seem that Miami and USF have the edge to to family connections (His dad is a coach as USF, but played at Miami). He would be an absolutely HUGE get for Miami, so let's hope Golden wins out on this one. Whitfield was once a Cane commit, but opened things up to explore his options. He has elite speed, and has recently said that it is more or less down to FSU and Miami for his services. I could easily see him coming back to Miami, although this will be a close one.

A few interesting recruiting notes regarding safety prospect Brisly Estime and defensive tackle Dante Phillips (2012). Estime has had a whirlwind recruitment so far, attending a few of Al Golden's camps, talking candidly about how he would commit on the spot if offered. He has yet to receive that offer from Miami, however he has not let that stop him elsewhere. He reportedly committed to Purdue, then, 17 hours later, decomitted because they told him they would not accept commitments from those without offers. So now he is back out there, waiting. While it would be nice to see the kid get his shot with the schools he wants to go to, in the case of Miami, it does not look likely. They have good depth at safety, and are recruiting more skilled guys this year than Estime. Also, he is viewed as sort of a package deal player since his comments that his commitment would help shore up that of DT Keith Bryant. Miami is not in the position this year to use scholarships on players solely for the purpose of landing others, therefore his Miami offer may not come. As far as Dante Phillips is concerned, he is a 2012 kid who committed to UF, but was recently denied despite being a full qualifier. He is now back on the market, and has said he has contact Golden to see if he is interested. Golden was reportedly non-committal, although he would be silly to not at least take a look at Phillips. It would be nice to have him on the roster, and thanks to Jean-Louis heading to prep school, they could take him. The issue is that it is thought that Phillip's issues were academic, and if UF can't take him due to academic concerns, Miami sure won't. Stay tuned to this one, it could get weird.


Training camp is just around the corner, and it will be a time of excitement for every fan out there. Finally, the new kids get to show their stuff in pads. Word around campus is that Robert Lockhart has been blowing the lids off of coaches with his hands and speed, and he figures to be the play maker this year for the WR corps if he keeps it up. This is of course welcome news to those worried about the thin depth at wide out. Also making waves is Duke Johnson, though most seem to reserve judgement here until they see him in pads. All eyes will more than likely be on the defensive backfield though, awaiting the skills of Tracy Howard and Deon Bush. Early reviews are that they are great as expected, although a bit raw, which is also expected. We will of course be putting up our positional previews after a few weeks of camp, so keep your eyes out for those!


For a bit of extra news, and for those who like to collect jerseys, here's a list of the updated numbers that the players will wear:

Jacoby Briscoe - 87

Earl Moore - 72

Gray Crow - 16

Robert Lockhart - 16

Antonio Crawford - 39

Dequan Ivery - 66

Ereck Flowers - 74

Nate Dortch - 35

Jawand Blue - 54

Jake O'Donnell - 95

David Thompson - 19

Malcolm Lewis - 9

Deon Bush - 2

Tarcy Howard - 3

Jontavious Carter - 81

Tyriq McCord - 17

Jelani Hamilton - 99

RayShawn Jenkins - 29

Gabriel Terry - 58

Duke Johnson - 8

Vernon Davis - 41

Herb Waters - 86

Josh Witt - 53

Raphael Kirby - 56

Larry Hope - 11