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The Extremity Report: 7/6/2012

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Lower extremity, upper extremity, there are only two kinds of injuries in Coral Gables. Pick one, start the rehab, never tell a soul the specifics of your injury location. It's a Canes tradition!

Having been awhile since we've collected an assessment on what's happening throughout cfb, bear with us as some items can and will be old news. Now click our links and be happy all the work is done for you, you lazy bastards.

Athlon Sports calls Al Golden a younger version of Nick Saban and Urban Meyer. ¡Amaze pelotas!

ACC commishioner John Swofford talks the new Orange Bowl contract. ACC runner-up not automatically in if a team is selected for the 4 team playoff.

Hey, where I can go to college if I'm just a B student? Oh look! Florida State and Syracuse top the list! Thanks US News!

In other 'Miami is a better school than yours' news, the APR scores are out. Miami rolls with Northwestern and Duke as the only BCS schools with a score of 980 or better.

Michigan State is coming to Coral Gables in November for the annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Maybe a BUC sellout with students back from Thanksgiving? Eh, bandwagon Canes basketball fans make no promises.

Quick profile of Randy "Duke" Johnson from Jorge Millan. Mostly about how he transitions from high school to the college game. Your typical off-season fluff, but we can still get excited!

If it's the NFL off-season, Ed Reed is contemplating retirement. He's oh so close to HOF status at this point, unanimous in my biased Canes mind, but one more Defensive MVP or a single Super Bowl ring wouldn't hurt.

All the 7th Floor lawyers left long ago, so insert witty legal joke (here). Jonathan Vilma is suing the NFL separate from the rest of the bounty investigation. Think the NFLPA is re-thinking giving Roger Goodell the Higgs Boson power over them?

Baby Canes talk of returning program to 2000s heydays. Haven't we heard this one before? /lights framed pic of 2008 Rivals Class on fire

Around the ACC

Major bummer here as Duke WR Blair Holliday in critical condition after a jet ski accident.

Three keys for Clemson's 2012 season.

Five potential impact freshman for Va Tech. Which one will be Sean Glennon's Marcus Vick's Tyrod Taylor's Logan Thomas's favorite target oh who the hell knows who their qb is anyways.

Georgia Tech WR Darren Miller talks summer workouts. Not sure how hard it is to sprint 80 yards over and over to prepare for the one catch per game GT will score on inexplicably.

Boston College all time leading rusher Montel Harris kicked off the team. I'd say this bodes well for Miami as they travel to Chesnut Hill to start the season. Then again, William Green was suspended and the Canes nearly blew their banner year.