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The Extremity Report: 8/17/2012

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After a one week hiatus (had a terrible lower extremity - don't ask), your links to everything Canes is back in action. More today than usual with the fortnight back log. Lets begin!

Cortez Kennedy was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this month. With another Cane in the HOF, that brings the total to five. Ted Hendricks, Michael Irvin, Jim Kelly, Jim Otto, and Cortez Kennedy. I don't think we're going out on a limb here to say Warren Sapp, Ray Lewis, and Ed Reed will be enshrined as well. That's 8 overall from the U, gaining on HOF leader USC, who has 11. Is there an upset Hurricane pick out there? Reggie Wayne and his stats playing with Peyton Manning for so long? Or perhaps Russell Maryland and his three Super Bowl rings? Wait, who am I kidding. The next HOF Hurricane player's name is Buck, and he likes to...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic the best dressed and symmetrical gameday Cane ever. You have a sick mind, 7th Floor reader. And great movie taste.

In what seems to be the consensus national opinion, Kirk Herbstreit says Miami will finish 6-6. And they should be ecstatic to do so.

"I think it’s going to be a long year," Herbstreit said. It’s incredible, I think, the challenge Al Golden has with that they’re trying to achieve this year. … I think if they’re a .500 team this year, I think that would be an outstanding year."

You eat that castor oil pudding, Canes fans! And you better like it too!

Miami looking to replenish their WR corps.

The Mad Stork Ted Hendricks was named to the ACC Football Championship Game Legends team. Who cares Miami wasn't part of the conference until 2004? You think anyone wants Kirby Freeman on there instead?

Back-up QB Ryan Williams was very gracious in losing the #1 position battle of the off-season. In describing why he felt Morris won the job, he indirectly states what could get any decade long cold blooded Cane fan to start warming up a little:

"His feel for the offense," Williams said. "He ran it last year so he knows exactly what coach Fisch wants. He has great physical ability. His arm is huge and he’s very mobile so he can do a lot of the things I probably can’t do running the ball-wise."

A game time I'm very excited about is finally official.

And the rest of the off-season basketball schedule has been announced. Miami will play at home only once in December; a Syracuse "don't leave the state of NY" schedule, it is not.

Hurricane alum Lauryn Williams won a gold medal as part of the 4x100m relay team. She ran in the semi-finals.

Ray-Ray Armstrong's attorney drops his injunction against the University, and is now settling in at Faulker.

The end of the high school era for Notre Dame, as they are destroyed by Jimmy Johnson's first good team 58-7 in 1985.

Around the ACC

Virginia Tech decides having a stupidly named turkey isn't enough of an embarassment, so they added a helmet with turkey claws. Even Logan Thomas thinks they're ugly.

Papa Johns is a new official partner of North Carolina State. Meaningless link, you say? Not when you know the true deliciousness of Coral Gables Papa Johns pizza. Can I get a what what for some garlic dipping sauce?!?!

Maryland released their annual jersey changes. Verdict? Still terrible, not as bad as last year's four corner flag quilt. This year they will have names on the back. I guess Randy Edsall realized the Maryland program is not about a coach with a crappy record who based his entire resume on beating a mediocre Notre Dame team.

Maryland decided to expedite Randy Edsall's departure, losing their starting qb to a torn acl.

Former VT QB Sean Glennon talks about his brother Mike, starter for NC State. Keeping the streak alive! This guy has a long shelf life.

Interesting fact in this piece on GT coach Paul Johnson. The winner of the Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech game has gone on to win the Coastal division every year.

BC coach Frank Spaziani on the hot seat. Time to put that salivated towel under your seat warmer, my mustachioed friend.

Football players are stereotyped as being, lets just say, not the highest of intelligence. When proof comes through, even at a reputable school such as North Carolina, are we supposed to be shocked? Absolutely not. How about when the same player's agent puts up a smear website against a journalist covering the school's academic scandal? Yeah, maybe a little bit.

And CBS' Gregg Doyel does his usual scorch the earth routine regarding UNC.

Auburn players lament the fact they can't go up against suspended Clemson WR Sammy Watkins. This game causes a rooting dilemma. Do you root pro-conference, something I've never been in favor of doing? Or do you root against the team that is an SEC-lite, who would gladly pay to leave for the money hungry confines of the lesser academic standards of the SEC? You tell me, 7th Floor.