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Miami unveils their version of awesome for Shamrocks Pot O' Gold Game

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In a show of solidarity to help raise awareness for the plight of unbalanced divisions in college football, Notre Dame announced they will be donning Akron's 2003 alternates this year against Miami at Soldier Field.

Miami has confirmed they will getting some new duds as well.

Nike, not to be outdone by little upstart Ah-deee-das, was forced to release their new jersey prototype the Miami Hurricanes will be wearing October 5th, many weeks ahead of schedule. Only some minor tweaks were added to the jersey this time around, as you can see below.

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  • Hurricane warning exterior thigh pads. Will let all opposing teams be forewarned of the SWAG about to come at them bro.
  • The logo will revert to the 1950's Ibis smoking a pipe. Not because it's vintage cool, but because Miami needs the Southern Steel Tobacco endorsement money. So real. So rich. So good. Southern Steel.
  • Every player will wear the 1991 national championship ring on their left index finger. If you play for the U you are not satisfied with tying for anything. Hurricanes would much rather never have had an undefeated season like that team up north. Ties are for maricones bro!
  • Unless that tie says Miami on it and is sewn into the jersey on a recommendation by the winningest coach in the Temple football's illustrious history. Also water resistant up to 2 meters, but will disintegrate on contact with infield dirt.
  • No Blockie flags attached to players' shoes, affixed with a pen to write down the address of the front yard they parked in.
  • Last but definitely not least, the new jerseys will have a double sided hurricane siren attached to each player's coccyx pad, and will sound off after every Miami Hurricanes, FIRST DOWN!

Take that, Golden Domers.