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Hurricanes Freshman DB Vernon Davis Seeks Release

Golden brought in a lot of talent in 2012. It's unfortunately a fact of the game that some of that talent would leave.
Golden brought in a lot of talent in 2012. It's unfortunately a fact of the game that some of that talent would leave.

Kids choosing where they want to go to school is always a fun thing to watch for fans. However, many forget that these are teenagers who change their minds quite frequently, and the choice they make may not always end up being the final one. The 2012 class for Al Golden and the Hurricanes was a deep one, and had already lost two guys. Angelo Jean-Louis is in prep school, and Josh Witt was medically forced to stop playing football. On Tuesday, it was announced that yet another player would be a casualty from that class.

According to Manny Navarro over at the Miami Herald, freshman CB Vernon Davis has asked to be released from his scholarship, and will seek to transfer to another school. Details are scarce at this point, with his mother only offering up the following as an answer:

Nothing is official yet, Theodofia Davis said. I'd prefer you talk to him about it.

This comes as a bit of a surprise, as his name had been mentioned as a kid who was playing well. He told coaches of his intentions on Friday before CanesFest and the final scrimmage. We wish the young man all the best wherever he lands, and of course will update this story as more details are made available.

UPDATE: According to Navarro, Davis was given his full release from Miami, although the list of school he was allowed to go to was not given. This did not end up mattering much, as Navarro tweeted out minutes later that Davis' HS coach had announced he would be transferring to West Virginia. Davis held an offer from the Mountaineers before committing to the Canes, so this move is not all that surprising.

As we guessed, the issue at the center of all this was playing time. According to his high school coach:

He just felt like he couldn't trust their coaches anymore, Coral Reef coach Chevas Clements said. He wasn't happy. He saw how he had slid down the depth chart and how UM was going out and getting all these commitments from guys like [Miami Northwestern's] Artie Burns and [Southridge's] Jamal Carter. When was he going to play?

To play devil's advocate here, it's a bit silly for a guy to say he couldn't trust coaches because he wasn't higher on the depth chart. He knew coming in that the Canes had guys at CB, and that guys were coming in with him that were better skilled. On top of that, with the way Golden runs this team, his position on the depth chart is solely up to him and how he performs. Unfortunately this whole thing sounds like the Storm Johnson situation, where he cried foul and put blame on the coaches because he wasn't good enough to break into the rotation.

Regardless, he will have a much easier time at WVU, who's CB backups are walk-ons. Good luck to him.