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The Extremity Report: 8/24/2012

"100 Pennies, 4 Quarters, 10 Dimes, 20 Nickels. That's Dolla Bill. You can join the team if you know what I mean."
"100 Pennies, 4 Quarters, 10 Dimes, 20 Nickels. That's Dolla Bill. You can join the team if you know what I mean."

Clinton Portis is calling it quits in the NFL, officially retiring this week having not played since 2010. Most here will remember him as the guy who held off Frank Gore in 2001, only for us all to realize Willis McGahee was better than them both production-wise the following year. A late 2nd round pick after leaving Miami early (he saw the Gore writing on the wall), Portis was literally the perfect back for Mike Shanahan's zone run scheme with the Broncos.

After Terrell Davis got hurt, Denver seemed to just throw in any tiny running back and they'd churn out 1000 yards. Portis and his better size took it to the next level. The guy ran for 3000+ yards and 29 touchdowns in his two years in the Mile High city. Those are eventual HOF numbers, my Canes brethren. Alas, Denver needed some defensive help for playoff runs, and he was traded for Champ Bailey. Injuries have since derailed his career, but seeing Portis round the corner on an off tackle run, sprinting all the way towards us in the student section, is definitely one of my favorite football memories.

Miami's 2nd game at Kansas State has found a home, and it ain't

The chance of winning the neutral site pure money grab road game at Soldier Field went up 3.56% this week, as Notre Dame's most experienced CB ruptured his achilles and is out for the season.

Place Kicker Jake Wieclaw is looking to have a great year.

Still no word on who will be the #3 QB this year, but the loser of that battle will most likely (uh, better be) redshirted.

As for the freshmen quarterbacks, Golden said he would like for someone to emerge as possibly the team's third quarterback. Golden said Gray Crow started out in front of Preston Dewey, but Dewey has "responded." When asked if the loser will get redshirted, Golden said: "maybe."

"We're looking for those two guys to develop," Golden said. "We don't know at what point we'll need them this year. We definitely need some separation there. We'll see how it shakes out."

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You! Yeah, you over there! Hiding under that rock! Seantrel Henderson most likely won't be playing in the season opener against Boston College. He's missed 21 practices and all of training camp. Despite all this, he'll still get drafted next year, so I think Henderson is taking a page out of Walter Jones book.

Manny Navarro hands out grades for all team facets going into the first week.

Around the ACC

There's a new sheriff in town in the Research Triangle.

The biggest Virginia Tech fan in the world does a yearly PBR salute to a close buddy. Thankfully, it does not involve beards, Warby Parker eyeglasses, or pretty much hipsters in any capacity.

The amount of times Butch Davis called Jerry Jones on his cell phone is about to go public.

Clemson wasn't always so terrible at the Orange Bowl.