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Q&A with BC Interruption

"I'm going to let the mustache answer this one. Brock Garrett Mustaximus, you're on."
"I'm going to let the mustache answer this one. Brock Garrett Mustaximus, you're on."

To get us all in tune for Miami's first opponent this year, we bartered some questions back and forth across I-95 with Boston College's SB Nation blog, BC Interruption.

7th Floor: Give us your best hated stereotype of a Miami Hurricane fan.

BC Interruption: It looks like an orange seat back in the mid-to-upper deck of Joe Robbie / whatever you are calling it this year Stadium, and shows up in full force for every home Hurricanes football game except for the one against Florida State.

It looks like we're off to a great start! Jump for more, people.

7F: What type of season is needed for Frank Spaziani to still be on the sidelines in 2013?

BC: A very good one. Spaz's biggest supporter is leaving the athletics department effective September 30th and it will be all too easy for DeFilippo's replacement to appease fans by hiring a new head football coach in time for the 2013 season. Spaz needs to convince the next AD that he's worth keeping around for the final two years of his contract.

At face, winning cures all and an 8-4 (or better) regular season probably keeps Spaz around for 2013. However, the Eagles' problems go much deeper than mere wins and losses and the program desperately needs an overhaul in leadership sooner rather than later.

7F: What are your long-term program expectations? Is it realistic to want consistent ACC titles?

BC: I don't think it's realistic to think that Boston College can consistently win titles in the ACC. At the same time I don't think it's unrealistic to expect an Atlantic Division title and a shot at the league title once every few years. BC has won at least a share of the division title in three of its first seven years in the conference. The rate is probably a little lower than that - say 1 in 4.

By my estimation, the long-term equilibrium in the Atlantic Division looks like this: 1) Florida State 2) Clemson T-3) Boston College T-3) N.C. State 5) Maryland 6) Syracuse 7) Wake Forest. That puts the program within striking distance of a division title once every few years.

7F: Boston College's best season? Best era?

BC: Best season...ever...was the 1940 undefeated 11-0 season, capped with a victory in the Sugar Bowl over Tennessee. Similarly the best era was probably the run up to that season - late 1930s, early 1940s. The two more recent best seasons are 1984 and 2007, with those eras probably running 2-3 on that list. The 1991-1993 Tom Coughlin teams may give challenge to the late 200s for a spot in the top three.

7F: Does Chase Rettig win this game for you guys?

BC: He's going to have to. All three of the Eagles running back have been banged up at one point or another during fall camp, though Spaz is optimistic that Rolandan Finch will be ready to go for BC on Saturday. Rettig will be without two key weapons this Saturday in TE Chris Pantale (broken foot) and WR Bobby Swigert (knee).

7F: Who are your playmakers?

BC: On offense, Rolandan Finch is the most versatile back in the trio of available starters. He came on strong during the second half of the season, including a 39 carry, 243 yard performance in the snow at Maryland last season. (Ed. note: WOW) On defense, Junior linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis looks to fill the big shoes left by Luke Kuechly. KPL has somewhat flown under the radar the past two seasons, finishing second on the team in tackles during his freshman and sophomore years. Look for him to have a breakout year now that tackling machine Luke Kuechly is now with the Carolina Panthers.

7F: Injuries, suspensions, dismissals, you've had them. Ramifications?

BC: The injuries hurt. Swigert and Pantale were two key offensive weapons for Rettig. So does the dismissal of Montel Harris. While the Eagles were able to get on without Harris for much of the last season, he was still the most talented and experienced RB on the roster heading into spring ball. Defensive tackle Jaryd Rudolph was suspended earlier this year for illegally recording something he shouldn't have, and then sharing the recording with other students. He's no longer listed on the Eagles' active roster. Finally, two more defensive players - Max Holloway and Hampton Hughes - decided to get on with life instead of play a final year with the program. Holloway entered the NFL Draft as a Junior while only projecting as a 7th rounder/UDFA, going undrafted. Hughes decided against playing as a 5th year Senior.

The ramifications are that the roster is much thinner in some key spots than originally anticipated. The losses on the defensive line hurt the most as the Eagles had one of the worst pass rushers in the country last year, recording something like 11 sacks all season.

7F: Best tailgating options in Chestnut Hill?

BC: Virtually non-existent for visiting fans. If you don't know any BC fans tailgating at the game, your best bet is to stay in the Cleveland Circle area and hit up the bars before the game starts.

7F: Favorite Good Will Hunting character? Has to be Billy, amirite? The engine's good. Engine's good.

BC: Gotta go with Chuckie.

Thanks again to Brian over at BC Interruption for playing nice with us here at The 7th Floor.