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The Extremity Report: 8/31/2012

I smell sequels!
I smell sequels!

Riggs and Murtaugh. Vincent and Jules. Crockett and Tubbs. One of them loves to strut around the Coral Gables campus bare-chested. The other is stoic off the field, but leads the C-A-N-E-S chants during practice, fingers wagging. Good friends and fellow sophomores Denzel Perryman and Anthony Chickillo are looking to star in their own buddy cop comedy in between leading the defense back from last year's abysmal showing.

Miami is Al Golden's dream job. Well, other than being named shrimping boat captain.

Unless you're a coastal land dweller, or regularly drown your diabetes sorrowed self in clam chowder, you're not seeing the Canes play this Saturday.

Walk-ons looking to make an impact this year.

For whatever homer optimistic reason, I think Kacy Rodgers is going to have a good season. Lets hope so.

Ereck Flowers is still getting rave reviews and is set to start this Saturday as a true freshman.

"Ereck has been in a [starter’s orange] jersey the whole camp and we’re not missing a beat," coach Al Golden said. "We’re not saying, ‘Hey, we can’t slide the protection this way,’ or ‘Let’s have the tight end or the running back chip over there to help him.’ We’re not doing that at all. Ereck has been doing a great job. He responded."

Heather Dinnich on Golden. Warning for those still inundated with saying Miami should never have stooped so low on the resume pole, Temple comparisons abound.

"There’s more that mirrors Temple than anybody on the outside could ever have imagined," Golden said. "Obviously the fact we’re in the middle of some adversity, I think that what we went through at Temple has prepared us for that. I hope when our student-athletes come to work every day, they see the same coaches and the same process, and guys who are consistent in their teaching and core values and not willing to compromise that."

Around the ACC

Now made with 20% more real honey! Georgia Tech unveils new honeycomb helmets.

Boston College record predictions from the writers at BC Interruption. Not surprising, an across the board sweep declaring victory over Miami.

The search for a new AD at BC continues on. The only task, once hired? Keep UConn out of the ACC!

For Taj Boyd, it's not easy being the signal caller of newly appointed wundercoach OC Chad Morris.

Larry Fedora wants 'Fast-Break' football. By which he obviously means it's time to consolidate all the football and basketball players into one single no show class.

The Testudo Times contemplates Randy Esdall's job security. Sorry guys, Miami isn't on your schedule this year.