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Hurricanes Open Thread for BC. And Away We Go!


Alrighty people, the time is finally here. The season starts now. This game will go a long way in helping shape the rest of the year, so let's hope for the best!

These game threads are going to be places of fun, so if you bring your troll game, prepare to feel the wrath of the banhammer. It's open to anyone, especially those from our opponents over at BC Interruption, so be kind!

Feel free to discuss anything at all, no real limit on what can be said (of course the obvious politics/religion/racism stuff will not be tolerated), drink whatever libations you might have on hand, and let's have ourselves an internets tailgate!

As a precursor to the game, remember this? FUN!

Ed Reed Touchdown vs. BC (2001) (via CanesWarning)