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Hurricanes Fan Legends: An Interview With Chest Hair U

CHESTNUT HILL, MA - SEPTEMBER 01: Miami Hurricanes fans celebrate following a touchdown against the Boston College Eagles during the game on September 1, 2012 at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
CHESTNUT HILL, MA - SEPTEMBER 01: Miami Hurricanes fans celebrate following a touchdown against the Boston College Eagles during the game on September 1, 2012 at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
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Jeremy Jeffers is just another name. If someone said "Hey look, there's Jeremy Jeffers!", unless you knew him personally, you're first reaction would be to ask "Who?". However, a little bit of digging unearths something much, much more hilari-awesome. Mr. Jeffers is well known around the Coral Gables area for one reason, and one reason only. His chest hair.

Hit the jump for pics and the interview!

To begin with, you may be wondering how we know that Jeremy really is the Chest Hair U guy. Well, to answer that question, all it takes a little bit of amateur photo analysis. See below:



Here, concentrate on his head and face (I know, I know. It SO difficult.) Now take a look at the verification photo that Jeremy sent us:


Oh yes, 7th Floor readers. That right there is pure awesome giving us a shout out. Who else will bring you such hard hitting journalistic...whatever. The interview is below.

Lt. Philip Nolan: What in the name of all logic made you decide to shave the "U" logo in your chest hair, of all places?

Jeremy Jeffers: Oddly enough, the idea came to me after/during a game (I believe vs aTm at home in '07, maybe the most marquee Randy Shannon victory before we even knew how bad it'd get) when me and a bunch of friends painted up for the game, and I was dripping sweat-paint by halfway through the second quarter. At that point I realized between the Miami heat/humidity factor, and my rug-like manscape, paint was never going to do the trick. Somewhere between that and the next game the idea came to me that I was really sleeping on the one natural advantage I've ever been given.

From there it just took a little assistance from dorm mates, who really deserve a lot of credit for overcoming the hurdle of shaving and styling another man's chest hair.

LPN: When did you start this "tradition"?

JJ: The first game of the "[]_[]" chest hair was at home vs GT in 07. One of many terrible late-game losses in Randy Shannon's tenure. Man, my chest hair was wasted on the wrong era.

LPN: Pictures of you have been widely shared, and you're famous in a way. How has this affected your daily life?

JJ: Since graduating/leaving campus it hasn't really come back too often. I work with a couple former Canes who knew all about it so some pics have made their way around, but everyone I work with actually thinks it's pretty cool so no worries.

The real issue always comes into play on gameday. It takes me at least 30 minutes to get from tailgate to the stadium because of all of the pictures people wanna take. The free beers that usually come into play aren't a bad perk though.

LPN: What is the normal response from fans of Miami, as well as fans from the opposing schools, when they see you at the games?

JJ: I always get great response from Canes fam. I'm sure some are still repulsed but they act enthusiastic to my face!

From opposing fans in person I'll get some good humored ribbing but it usually ends with a laugh and picture. Some pretty brutal shit gets written online but who the hell has time to listen to any online commenters/bloggers anyways? (T7F excepted, of course!)

LPN: Has shaving your chest hair into the U logo resulted in an increase of attention from the female population?

JJ: As a recently engaged fella, a gentleman will not tell. But the.. err... social life was not lacking.

LPN: When you have kids, how will you tell them of the days when you used to wear your pride on your chest, literally?

JJ: I imagine it will come into play when they turn 12 or 13 and freak out about a lot of hair showing up in weird places and they'll close up and get really uncomfortable and awkward about it and I'll have to sit them down and tell them about all of the wonderful opportunities that said awkward body hair affords them and the acclaim it brought me. I doubt they'll actually listen and that's really probably for the best.

LPN: This one isn't really a question, you're just awesome. That is all.

JJ: Haha thanks. I am actually really distinctly uncool, I just happen to be a grizzly bear with a touch of imagination and an unhealthy attachment/obsession with the Canes. All I did was put my resources to use, but I'll take all the praise I can get!


You see, Canes fans? Any one of you can become legends! All you need is the ability to do kind of weird thing with your body and have almost no shame! Or you could just show up to the games. Love ya!

This is hopefully the first part of a series in which I score interviews with some of the more well know Canes fan legends. Next up, I will be working on shooting some questions towards Canes Glitter Girl!