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Hurricanes Fan Legends: An Interview With The Infamous Glitter Gurrrrl

Look who we found!
Look who we found!

Our incredble, amazing, Nobel-worthy series of interviews with fantastic Miami Hurricanes fans continues today. Yesterday, we put up a little ditty with the man known for his impeccably man-scaped chest hair Miami logo, Jeremy Jeffers.

Well, today we bring you another wonderful set of questions and answers with a fan who probably actually bleeds orange a green, because there's no way that using that much glitter body paint does not end up in some of it seeping into your bloodstream.


As with last week, let's start off with some verification photos. This first one is a photo of the two original girls (the one we interviewed is the gold one, because gold is for the money, and we forgot how we were going to tie that into the blog halfway through typing this, so just look at the damn picture):



Now, here are the photos that Lil Ms. Lauren Lococo herself sent us:



Once we knew we had the right glitter-covered human, we set out to have our questions answered.

Lt. Philip Nolan: Ok. For real. Glitter? I get one piece of that stuff on me and i freak out for 15 minutes trying to get it off. Why did you choose such a persistent decoration to put all over the place?

Lauren Lococo: Yes, I have been told that glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts. My friend Alex and myself decided to get creative and add some spice to our school spirit. I used to paint my body for the games when I was in middle school and high school. Paint is so overrated these doesn't stand out. Plus in the rain it washes off so fast. I was at the Virginia Tech game when we got killed standing in the pouring ran for hours and I can confirm that the glitter does not come off. It is just more exciting to me. You don't see many people getting asked to have their picture taken or be interviewed for painting themselves. HAIL GLITTER!

LPN: Is it just you that does this for the games? Do you have a parter or two in crime? I remember seeing two girls in glitter, one green, one gold...WHAT DID YOU DO WITH GREEN?!

LL: HAHA my greeny friend Alex ( Twitter @AlexGoldklang) graduated. I have had some of my friends fill in for her doing the green but its not a clean process so they do it once and are usually like "that's enough glitter for me". I also have done half and half for some games. Now I usually just wear something green and then do the orange glitter. It takes about a good half hour to put on them about an hour to get it off. But, it never really comes off.

LPN: Are you currently a student at The U?

LL: I am!!! It was my dream forever to go to this school. I was born and raised in Miami so I have been a UM fan my entire life. I didn't want to go anywhere else because if I did I wouldn't be able to attend the sporting events so I worked my butt off to get into the school. I have been going to the games since I was a baby. My first memory of being at a game was the UCLA game back in 1998, I believe, when we upset them.

LPN: How do people react when you walk into the stadium? Does it take OMG, like, forever to get to your seat?

LL: FOREVER!! I usually go to the games with my friend Robbie Deutsch, A.K.A []__[] Man. We get stopped so many times I sometimes think we are going to miss kickoff. At first the reactions of people were more shocked like "what in the world is this girl doing?!". Now they're familiar with me and scream out "Hey glitter girl!!!" and always want a picture. I always get told I am a local celebrity which is pretty cool. I just find it funny that a girl who has been obsessed with UM sports her whole life would be the one to do something outrageous like this. My friends from highschool that see me now always tell me how fitting it is that it would be me being shown all over TV covered in glitter.

LPN: Jeremy mentioned in the Q&A we did with him that he got a lot of free beers for his amazing chestiary work. Do people shower you in alcohol as well?

LL: Well firstly, if I saw Mr. hairy []__[] i would definitely give him a beer or two as well to commend him for his dedication because that is ART. I have had people offer me food, alcohol, etc even at away games from the opposing teams. On twitter there is a following of UM fans called #CanesFam and when they see me they go crazy!!

LPN: What about opposing fans, how do they react to your obviously greater enthusiasm for your team than they could ever have?

LL: It usually is a 50/50 reaction. Some people think its the coolest thing ever and some people just laugh at me and make some smart remarks. I don't really care what they think. Not to brag (ok I am bragging), I have been on sports center a hand full of times, I have been interviewed by ABC news, been in all the south Florida newspapers, and have met so many famous people because of my glitter. So, if anyone wants to make fun of me they can think about the fact they haven't had any of that happen to them.
My favorite opposing team fans I got to meet were the Garnet and Gold boys at FSU. They also cover themselves in some weird type of glitter its not the same as mine its more thick. When we ran into each other we just commended one another for our dedication and took a picture. This was after we beat them at FSU might I add.

LPN: Just like with Chest Hair U, this last one isn't really a question. Just a mention that you are awesome, and keep doing your thing at every game. Seriously. EVERY. GAME.

LL: Well thanks!!! And yea not to toot my own horn or anything but..beep beep!
Its so cool to be known down here and known by famous people like Chris Fowler (the best ESPN commentator) and Michael Irvin as the girl who covers herself in glitter. If you just knew me back in the day you would know how perfectly fitting it is for me to be this girl. My entire room is covered in newspaper articles dating back from 2001 and pictures, memorabilia, etc. It isn't all fun and games though because it is a process. after wearing it for 5-8 hours at a time you just want to get it off. Then you just gotta do it again the next week. But I love that I do it. I love my Canes. I have been there when they won championships and I have been there when they have been down in the gutter. I will be one of the few that will be able to say I stuck with my team no matter how good/bad they were. The []__[] doesn't rebuild, they reload.


She certainly loves our squad! Once again, it seems that the theme to getting yourself noticed as a fan is to do something weird with your body. Oh, you have a creative sign with some craft paper letters? That's cute. GLITTER PAINT.